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To aid healthcare facilities in delivering high-quality treatment and enhancing patient outcomes, CleanBody provides subscription packages. They offer advice and treatments for a wide range of medical issues, as well as instructional materials for doctors to use in keeping abreast of the newest developments in their field. CleanBody’s mission is to improve healthcare for all people and to make it more affordable.

The Challenge

CleanBody faced several business challenges when shifting to a subscription-based customer model and transitioning all clients online. One of the most critical challenges was implementing a payment gateway system that could securely handle online transactions for their subscription packages. This required significant research and investment in technology to ensure that the payment gateway was reliable and easy to use for customers. Additionally, the company had to develop a seamless online user experience to cater to their customers’ needs and preferences. The transition to an online model also required significant changes in the company’s marketing and advertising strategies to reach and engage with customers effectively. Despite these challenges, CleanBody successfully implemented a subscription-based model and transitioned all clients online, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and better patient outcomes.


TheCommerceShop created a websitte that offers a comprehensive solution to hospitals and healthcare providers that includes a six-month subscription package. Patients are given a clear roadmap to follow for managing their conditions, which can be easily managed and customized by their doctors. CleanBody is consistently developing additional content that can be added on to the subscription model to provide more value to their clients. The release of this content is scheduled according to the patient’s treatment journey. CleanBody also offers an affiliate program for healthcare providers who refer new clients to the company. Overall, CleanBody’s business solution is designed to provide high-quality care and improve patient outcomes while offering customizable and dynamic resources to healthcare providers.

What our Customer Says

We are extremely delighted with the website development services provided by TheCommerceShop. Their team worked diligently to understand our business needs and create a website that exceeded our expectations. The website is user-friendly and visually appealing, and has helped us to attract more customers and grow our business.

Results Obtained

The results of CleanBody’s efforts have been impressive. They have acquired more than 250 customers, and their customer base is growing every day. Their website has been optimized for faster loading times and improved user experience, resulting in a better overall customer experience. In addition, their design optimization efforts have resulted in a more visually appealing website that is more engaging to users. These improvements have helped CleanBody to stand out in the healthcare industry and position themselves as a leader in providing innovative healthcare solutions with the help of experts at TheCommerceShop.