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Client’s Profile:

Our client is a Wisconsin based toy manufacturing company, founded in the year 2014. Ever since its start, the innovative STEM toy company had focused on coming up with disruptive ideas to invent toys for creative play and learning. Today, it has an online store and sells on, and at the international marketplace across countries, namely Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Over the years, the toy manufacturer has been able to bridge the gaps between education and creativity in children. Educators, teachers, schools, pre-schools, daycares, and other centers of learning strongly support the toys as it encourages learning through engaging.


The client approached us to migrate from Magento to BigCommerce to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue. Over the years, their site had run on the Magento platform, which laid the dependence on technology teams for the production of custom stores and themes. The toymaker approached us, looking for Magento professionals.

The Challenge:

It is a challenging task to migrate an online eCommerce store from one platform to another. In the case of the toy manufacturer, the client was expecting us to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue. On the other hand, it requires an insane amount of work similar to that of moving a physical brick-and-mortar store from one location and setting it up in another.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

Migration from Magento to BigCommerce would involve the necessary changes:

Our Approach:

Our experts created a detailed migration plan. First, the data was migrated from the existing Magento store to the new BigCommerce store. Here are the process steps:

Magento to BigCommerce

Post-migration, we requested the client’s team to run a survey to stay assured all the existing data like products, categories, inventory, and digital media had moved to the new Bigcommerce store successfully. Once the data migration was approved, we worked on the store setup phase.

Google Search Engine optimization was accomplished by permanently redirecting the old store URL of the products to the new URL of the BigCommerce product pages. The solution was built in a

planned phase manner to encourage efficiency, communication, and collaboration.

Impact On Client’s Business:

Post-migration, we observed that the search engine store had been optimized well. The new built-in marketing campaign tool helped the client improve sales. Seamless integration with payment gateways and a fully responsive UI design delivered a better user experience.

Besides, the results in the next 14 days proved promising


As a result of the migration from Magento to BigCommerce, the toy manufacturer has the required responsive design with a compelling new look and flow that provides optimal viewing and interaction experience. The client was taken back with the amount of time that it took to complete with precision and their team was delighted with the smooth migration.

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