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The challenge

Migrating an online store to another platform is challenging. By migrating, our client anticipated to improve the website speed, boost performance, and increase sales. They wanted a platform that would be more apt for their business requirements, and hence we suggested an alternative solution – BigCommerce.

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A Case Study
Why you should switch Magento to BigCommerce – A practical case study

About the client:

For more than three decades, our client, a specialty clothing store from Parkston, South Dakota, had been offering the best of apparel to their customers. After going online, tradition and success continued as they provided the same to everyone – to a broader market in the US.

Website speed
Performance boost
Increased sales


Our client’s store was running on the Magento 1, and it served the business quite well for several years. However, it was time for them to migrate to a new platform as Magento 1 was sunsetting.

The result

Post-migration, we made use of the Google Pagespeed insight tool, which recorded a pretty decent speed of the new website. Everything had migrated accurately; therefore, we conducted a training session for the team on BigCommerce use. Our client found the user interface easy to use.