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Client’s Profile:

The CHOCOLAT MODERNE started with a mission to produce visually stunning, handcrafted confections filled with perfectly balanced, on-trend flavors in Brooklyn. Later it evolved and introduced new ingredients to chocolate-making. The Founder and Chocolatier, Joan Coukos, fell under the spell of the old world of handmade chocolates, on a trip to Brussels in 2000. She came back with two traditional recipes, and that is how everything began. A quick forward to the present, they are now a reputed place to taste good chocolates in the State.


The CHOCOLAT MODERNE approached TheCommerceShop to optimize their website and run some Google Ads. Over the years, the CHOCOLAT MODERNE site had grown into a slow-moving, behemoth structure with faulty links, nested architecture, and a problematic synchronization with their Google Merchant account. They wanted to speed up the entire process and move on to something which would best fit their requirements

The Challenge:

The site showcased numerous products. By the time CHOCOLAT MODERNE asked for TheCommerceShop’s help, the intricacies had progressed to a limit where they were causing a tangible loss for the business.

The initial pressing task was to get the site to a stable position, so the holiday season sale would not be a total flop. Joan then also asked if TheCommerceShop would prepare and implement a migration to Shopify immediately after the holiday season. Shopify is one of the best all-in-one e-commerce platforms, and by migrating, Joan was expecting to lessen the development and maintenance difficulty for CHOCOLAT MODERNE.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

There was a dire need to fix the synchronization of Magento and the Google Merchant Account without any further delay.

It was the festive time of the year, and the CHOCOLAT MODERNE did not want every single chocolate bar in the feed, but only a few particular items.

A few broken links were identified, and a few metadata needed to be written expertly.

Shopify Migration could considerably increase the website’s performance and revenue metrics.

Our Approach:

Magento to Shopify Migration Process

A successful migration needs perfect preparation to complete without a loss of traffic or ranking. The website migration from one platform to another is a challenging technical process, which poses the threat of things to go wrong at every turn. Apart from migrating correctly, precautionary steps need to be taken to prevent redirect errors. With all the groundwork completed without any slag, we got ready to move to the next level.

We requested the client – CHOCOLAT MODERNE to provide inputs on design customizations that would be involved in the migration and the functioning of the new site. On the other hand, TheCommerceShop devised a spreadsheet to map the old URLs to the new site.

This is a crucial action in any site migration to evade broken links, 404 errors, and the ensuing loss of traffic and ranking. We suggested using precise apps to do the work of the transfer, to which the CHOCOLAT MODERNE team agreed.

The other vital element to fix was to make the Shopify XML feed sync with the Google Merchant Account. An app was recommended, and later a few developments were identified and fine-tuning was done to get it right. With all this taken care of, the migration completed smoothly without any tensions.

Impact On Client’s Business:

The CHOCOLAT MODERNE did not experience any drop in traffic or conversions during or after the migration. On the new platform, Google Merchant Account synced with the Shopify XML product feed perfectly. There was virtually no downtime. Here are some of the astonishing results that we observed after migration:


As a result, The CHOCOLAT MODERNE holiday season sales were utterly decent, keeping pace with the past year, and at times exceeding it in some metrics. The sluggish website started performing and delivering impressive results. On the whole, the client was pleased and satisfied by the service provided by which they started recommending to others.

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