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The challenge

The initial pressing task was to get the site to a stable position, so the holiday season sale would not be a total flop. Then, The Commerce Shop would prepare and implement a migration to Shopify immediately after the holiday season as it was becoming slower and slower day after day.

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A Case Study
A successful Magento to Shopify migration optimizes website performance for CHOCOLAT MODERNE

About the client:

CHOCOLAT MODERNE offers over 100 varieties of bonbons, bars, drinking chocolates, and caramel sauces to its customers. It is a great place to explore amazing treats that will impress and delight every chocolate lover.

Enhanced Conversion
Boosted sales
Improved traffic


CHOCOLAT MODERNE approached The Commerce Shop to optimize their website and run some Google Ads. They wanted to speed up the entire process and move on to a comfortable platform that would best fit their business performance requirements.

The result

The sluggish website started performing and delivering impressive results. On the whole, the client was pleased and satisfied with the service provided by which they started recommending our services to others.