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Magento to Shopify Migration


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Client’s Profile:

Cannanumb is an FDA registered Over the Counter (OTC) fast-acting pain relief drug that contains powerful ingredients, namely organic hemp seed oil and maximum strength lidocaine. These ingredients help in relieving of aches and pain by deeply penetrating the skin’s dermal layer to soothe the aggravated nerves. The drug is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA.


Cannanumb approached TheCommerceShop to migrate from Magento to the Shopify platform. Their small developers’ team completed in-depth research before suggesting the move on to the decision-makers of the company. Foreseeing the benefits, Cannanumb wanted to move on to the new platform using an external contractor, and that’s how they came to us.

The Challenge:

Cannanumb lacked an eCommerce platform that would be rock solid and better suit their need. The website was running on an out-of-date Magento (1.x) and had repeated issues with website outage. However, the site was driving revenue, even though it was operating on an outdated platform. Undeniably, a considerable amount of traffic, was being driven by organic SEO. TheCommerceShop was presented with a challenge to migrate the website with the following requirements:

Our Findings & Recommendations:

A complete website audit revealed the truth that the performance could be improved without having to complicate the project unnecessarily. We found out that mobile performance was terrible in comparison to their desktop experience. By implementing a few logics, we planned to lift mobile performance.

Our Approach:

We focused on retaining the brand essence, transfer the custom brand elements that were developed for the original website. The SEO migration presented a few vital risk factors, and therefore, extra care was given throughout the platform migration.

Magento to Shopify Migration Process

The entire process was kept simple and completed without any flaws by planning it neatly. Right from the planning and in every stage of the migration, the client was kept informed of the migration. Besides the problems of platform migration, we converged our performance improvement activities in the following areas:

  1. Re-prioritized header menu
  2. Uncomplicated mobile experience
  3. Enhanced conversion tactics (CTA placement, sizing, offers)
  4. Easy visual filtering

Impact On Client’s Business:

The successful migration from Magento to Shopify saw a dramatic lift not only in overall sales but the all-important conversion rate. When we tracked the mobile traffic, it had improved by 11% within the fortnight.

Get started with the implementation

Shopify is a simple yet powerful platform that caters to the needs of an eCommerce site, including storefront, shopping cart, store management, marketing, etc. The Magento to Shopify migration was carried out accurately on time without affecting the sales during the migration process. The client was super satisfied and happy for the assistance offered post-migration.

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