Magneto to Shopify Migration improves the site performance by 4X and gets 209% more organic traffic



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Improved Website Performance


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Client’s Profile:

The client – Good State, is a leading manufacturer of health supplements in the US who also designs personalized supplements for individuals based on their nutrient deficiencies. All the supplements are prepared in the GMPc facility and are FDA inspected. Their eCommerce website showcases all the products, where customers buy the professional-grade supplements to start the new path onto a fresher, healthier living.


Magento, the open-source e-commerce platform, powered the ‘Good State’ online store. Even though the company was running successfully, there were a lot of faulty links, multiple redirects, images that wouldn’t display correctly, and other issues that were preventing the business from flourishing. They were looking out for some expert guidance to devise a roadmap.

The Challenge:

As a leading supplement manufacturer, the primary source of income was its website. However, many customers chose the offline channel to post queries through phone calls, fax, and other means. The client had a tough time handling the massive call flow at its contact center. And, this was leading to a dip in revenues and market share. The under-performing website needed a much-compelling makeover.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

To achieve their projected returns, they had to devise a roadmap and bridge the gaps between actual sales performance and marketing efforts. The first and foremost job was to make the site a stable place for it to deliver immediately. Based on the requirements, feasibility, costs, and other parameters, a Shopify migration was recommended, which would prove more assuring and performing.

Our Approach:

After having identified the change that would trigger the revenue stream, we deployed our experts to evaluate migration to Shopify. The best way to achieve software migration without a loss of traffic or ranking is in the preparation. If everything works as planned, Google would automatically index the new site quickly and efficiently.

A detailed document for Good State personnel was drafted out to keep them well-informed of the entire migration process. This approach helped us in collaborating productively. Shopify is one of the best platforms available right now. However, there were still many choices to be made by Good State, such as picking a theme, giving feedback on design customizations, and approving specific apps that would be involved in the migration.

On the technical front, we formulated a spreadsheet to jot-down the old URLs to the new site. This approach helped in preventing broken links, 404 errors, and the ensuing loss of traffic and ranking. When all the groundwork was complete, the migration to Shopify was accomplished flawlessly.

Impact On Client’s Business:

With everything planned right from scratch meticulously, the migration was completed carefully and precisely. Good State did not encounter any decrease in traffic or conversions after the migration, and it actually got a lot better.

Subsequently, the Shopify XML product feed to the Google Merchant Account synced without a predicament. There was virtually no downtime, and Good State did not miss out on any business during the migration.


Many eCommerce websites suffer from implementing wrong platforms that eventually take a toll on overall business performance. And, in most cases, the companies are not even aware of why things aren’t turning out favorably for them on the business front. The practical consequences are apparent in many cases: lost site traffic, queries coming in from offline mediums, fluctuating SERP rankings, etc.

Good State migrated to the right platform that would satisfy their business needs. A measure of site performance and potential pointed out an increase from two digits to four digits. Organic search traffic multiplied in the last two months. We believe the numbers will increase in the days to come.

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