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The Result

Improved Core Web Vitals


Profits From Organic Traffic


Increased Conversion Rate


Pure Nootropics, a leading provider of brain-enhancing supplements, is dedicated to improving cognitive performance and overall brain health. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they offer a wide range of natural and effective nootropic products. Pure Nootropics has a strong online presence and aims to provide an exceptional user experience to their customers.

The Challenge

Pure Nootropics faced several challenges with their website performance and user experience. They identified the following key issues that needed urgent attention: The core web vitals for the desktop version of their website failed to meet the required standards, impacting their overall site performance. The LCP on the mobile version of the website took longer than the recommended threshold of 2.5 seconds, causing potential user frustration and increased bounce rates. The presence of excessive third-party scripts occupied the browser’s main thread, causing delays and hindering overall website performance. The critical contents of the website were not prioritized, leading to slower rendering times and suboptimal user experiences.


Our team conducted a thorough analysis and implemented the necessary optimizations to rectify the core web vitals issues on the desktop version of the website. We introduced techniques to preload the largest contentful paint elements, reducing the LCP rendering time and ensuring faster page load times on mobile devices. Our experts audited and removed unused code and scripts, reducing the browser’s main thread occupation and improving overall website performance. By utilizing resource hints, we prioritized the loading of critical contents, enabling faster rendering and enhancing the user experience.

What our Customer Says

By partnering with TheCommerceShop, we’ve experienced significant improvements in our website’s performance, user experience, and overall outcomes. With the website now delivering an enhanced user experience, Pure Nootropics witnessed an increase in customer satisfaction, leading to improved conversion rates and higher revenue. The SEO improvements resulted in higher organic rankings, driving more qualified traffic to their site. Furthermore, the reduced bounce rate indicated that users were engaged and more likely to explore the website, increasing the chances of making a purchase.

Results Obtained

The website achieved passing scores on both mobile and desktop, ensuring a smooth user experience and meeting the recommended web performance metrics. With faster page load times and optimized content rendering, users experienced a significant enhancement in their overall browsing experience. The improved website performance positively impacted Pure Nootropics’ conversion rate, leading to a higher number of sales and customer acquisitions. The optimized website performance contributed to better search engine rankings, increasing organic visibility and attracting more targeted traffic. By addressing the performance issues, Pure Nootropics successfully reduced their bounce rate, allowing visitors to stay engaged and explore the site further.