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Client’s Profile:

Our client –, is one of the leading independent manufacturers of compressor parts in the United States. They manufacture and distribute compressor parts and compressor oils that are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the sophisticated compressed air systems. and are the eCommerce sister concern companies that sell related products.

Background: had been thriving in the past year, and it was anticipated to continue so. However, an unfair competition had knocked down the once flourishing business. As a result, all the ad copies were disapproved abruptly, and it took a significant toll on the website traffic, sales, and overall performance.

The Biggest Challenge:

When the client approached us, they were utterly clueless about how to handle the performance dwindling issue. All of their Google ad copies were getting rejected for suspicious activities on the website. Our client had investigated using the free tools available online to zero-in on the issue; however, the bad luck seemed to continue.

Our Approach:

When the client approached us, they wanted us to comprehend precisely on the problem and fix it immediately, as it triggered a huge revenue drop. The following steps were applied:

Our Key Findings:

Impact On Client’s Business:

The PPC campaigns now proved fruitful, and the client was able to reach out to a new set of audience by targeting high-quality keywords. Our insights helped them to target a niche audience and gain customers through targeted landing pages.

With smart PPC goals, we observed a 79% improvement in conversion rate and a 50% increase in site visitors.


By preparing a critical marketing plan and removing the malicious code, we were able to bring in steady traffic and conversion, which helped our client to double CompressorParts website revenue.