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The challenge

In the ever-evolving IT space, no one can guarantee 100% security. CompressorParts unexpectedly hit a roadblock in generating revenue as all of their ad copies where getting rejected. An in-depth investigation uncovered the fact it was due to a security breach. The challenge was to remove the malicious code and reverse its adverse effects.

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A Magento Case Study
How CompressorParts.com improved its Google AdWords campaign with our prolific assistance!

About the client:

CompressorParts.com, is one of the leading independent manufacturers of compressor parts in the United States. They manufacture and distribute compressor parts and compressor oils that are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the sophisticated compressed air systems.

Increase in site visits
Improvement in conversion rate
Increase in sales


CompressorParts.com had been thriving in the past year, and it was anticipated to continue so. However, an unfair competition had knocked down the once flourishing business.

The result:

By preparing a critical marketing plan, we were able to bring in steady traffic and conversion, which helped us double CompressorParts website revenue.