Immunizing Magento’s Security Vulnerability



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A brand leading in regional mobile accessories market has got its website secured and CRO amplified


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Customer Retention



About The Client

The client is a regional market leader in Atlanta selling trendy accessories for all smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, go gears
and wearable devices like Apple watch.

The Problem

The website whose checkout page is kept busy by a good number of thriving visitors cracked open for a hack attack.

The hackers planted a malicious JavaScript code into the website which exposed crucial credit card information like the holder’s name, card

number, PIN, expiry date and so on. So, whenever a customer checks out by paying through a credit card, the hacker’s team receives these confidential details.

Phase 1:
Radar That Located Security Loophole

The need for finding the security leaks was on a high and hence our team of website security experts got into a mining spree to locate the loopholes.

As the malicious code was carefully embedded in several parts of the entire website’s code, regular test runs proved insufficient in malware detection. Our security experts hopped onto security tools to get things done.

Sucuri was the choice of our team through which the site was checked for the presence of malware. The reports generated based on website and web server scan results helped our security experts locate the alien code.

Results that showed up hinted the JavaScript code’s presence in all web pages

Phase 2:
Minesweeping Malwar

The coding team manually removed the malicious code from the entire website.

Since the website was using an outdated version of Magento CE, the lately released security patches were updated to immunize the website from further attacks.

Value Addition Through CRO Expertis

Cart Abandonment Follow-Up Emails

The mobile accessories brand was concerned about their conversion and cart abandonment rate which hinted us to lend our CRO expertise to figure out a solution.

Studying the customers’ buying behavior, abandonment patterns and frequencies, our CRO team made use of a popular marketing tool to implement their CRO strategy. The multifaceted tool helped the brand customize their marketing messages, especially those sent to customers who abandon carts.

With the help of the eCommerce marketing tool, the follow up emails, embedded with customized messages and time sensitive offers, were automatically triggered for cart abandonments. The sense of urgency created by the emails pushed customers to make a buying decision sooner

Re-Engaging Customers

Targeting the existing customer group, a re-engaging campaign was planned. The research effort was to gather information on every purchase made by a customer and personalize emails accordingly.

To complement this campaign idea, the emails were paired with coupon codes and sent to customers who have already made transactions in the website. Additionally the coupon was given an expiry date to capitalize on impulsive buying attitude. The personalized emails had healthy open rates and customer retention was improved over 23%.

Improving Organic Traffic And Email Subscription

The marketing tool contributed towards increasing organic traffic through Q and A section which served as a wealth of knowledge for questions related to mobile accessories thereby increasing organic traffic

Leveraging the organic traffic, a pop-up was planted for visitors encouraging them to subscribe to the store’s emails and newsletters which increased the email subscription rate. Reviews earned through ratings and reviews section were posed as brand advocates for products which improved sale.

The overall sales quotient witnessed a whopping 330% increase which happened to be a milestone achievement for the brand.

Support And Maintenance

The strategic approach in clearing security issues and value addition that improved cart abandonments, email subscriptions, and conversion rates, encouraged the mobile accessories retailer to sign us up for support and long-term maintenance service


The Atlanta based Magento store was able to get back on track with the latest security patches, reducing its vulnerability towards attacks. The comprehensive CRO solution helped the brand record a significant betterment in several departments like cart abandonment, email subscriptions and sales