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Gracewear Collection is a brand that creates handmade Christian and Shield of Faith jewelry, accessories, gifts, art, and more. It seeks to inspire women from diverse backgrounds with its soft and feminine designs.

The Challenge

The SEO audit of the Gracewear Online store showed that it needed to start from scratch, including in-depth audits and a comprehensive plan to boost revenue and organic visitors. There were no technical issues, but an on-page audit revealed missing Meta tags, descriptions, content, and relevant keywords. The absence of crucial product information and navigational difficulties disrupted conversion rates, making the job more challenging. However, the team was determined to find a solution to improve the organic search engine results.


After implementing a series of conversion optimization steps, our client’s eCommerce conversion rates improved in successive iterations. The team redesigned the header, placing a more powerful and visually appealing version with well-structured, three-layered tabs and navigation elements. They also created a prominent, dynamic search bar with intelligent autocomplete suggestions, direct category, and page navigation features. Additionally, they adopted a fully responsive and device-agnostic design, streamlining product discovery and navigation. These efforts enhanced the overall customer experience and resulted in an impressive improvement in conversion KPIs.

What our Customer Says

I was blown away by the results of the SEO campaign conducted by the team for my eCommerce store. Their meticulous approach to categorizing and optimizing my products for relevant keywords significantly boosted my Google listings, resulting in increased organic traffic and revenue. They understood my concerns about adding content to my site and curated keyword-optimized content that added value to my place and improved its credibility. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their eCommerce SEO game.

Results Obtained

The SEO strategy for Gracewear Collection involved categorizing their products and identifying primary and secondary keywords to improve Google listing. Relevant and keyword-optimized content was added to category pages, and off-page activity was managed to raise brand credibility. Commercial keywords were focused on to increase sales, and two core categories were optimized for low-volume keywords. This strategy achieved first-page results in various sub-categories and boosted overall organic traffic. Screaming Frog, SEMrush, and Ahrefs were used to analyze and find keyword opportunities.