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Magento to Shopify Migration


Increased Store Visitors


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Client’s Profile:

Alpha Cannax is one of the leading hemp product brands in the US. Its holistic cannabis medication is provided by perfectly blending the herbs and supplements at various dosage strengths to compliment athlete and fitness lifestyle. All the drugs are manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA.


Since its launch in 2017, Magento has been the platform for Alpha Cannax’s online store. However, recently, Jason Turkot – The Owner & CEO of the company decided to take their business to the Shopify platform. There were plenty of reasons why the store owner wanted to move to Shopify. After much research, they approached us to carry out the migration process.

The Challenge:

After realizing the risk factors using another contractor, Alpha Cannax invited The Commerce Shop team to visit their premises. The client-side explained the hidden anomalies and presented their concerns well before the beginning of the migration. The website was driving the right targeted traffic and generating revenue. The main challenge was in retaining the traffic and migrating to the new platform without tumbling the current order flow.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

As usual, we allocated highly experienced and technically sound personnel to amass the project requirements. Our website audit uncovered the fact that a Shopify migration can elevate the current overall performance. Their mobile performance was not up to the mark and had to be improved by implementing a few things during the migration process, and we planned to improve it too.

On the whole, a slow-performing site was pulling down the sales figures as it never helped the user to do things efficiently and swiftly on the site.

Our Approach:

Our primary focus was on minimizing potential SEO risks of migrating the website to a new platform alongside retaining the brand essence. The custom brand elements were retained and taken into the new site hassle-free. All through the process, extra care was given to stop anything from disturbing the business process.

Magento to Shopify Migration Process

To be able to fulfill the requirements of Alpha CannaX, the following processes were taken care of by our competent migration solutions experts:

  1. Magento to Shopify Migration – 100% data migration from the existing platform to Shopify with quality checking in place.
  2. Strengthening of SEO process with our Shopify SEO services
  3. Integration of search service to optimize the search functions and features for mobile users.
  4. Synchronization of back-end data to the front end features
  5. Performance optimization for the Shopify store.

Impact On Client’s Business:

Alpha CannaX CEO applauded the smooth migration process to Shopify. The non-tech savvy people behind the maintenance and administration of the store’s site were able to catch up quickly with the upgrading and changes of the system. Here are the favorable results that we witnessed migration from Magento to Shopify:

Impact On Client’s Business:

Post-migration, we observed that the website had been optimized well. Seamless integration with payment gateways and a fully responsive UI design delivered a better user experience.


Our client was pleased and satisfied with the smooth transition. In a short time, Alpha CannaX was able to enjoy the benefits of running the Shopify store in full swing. If you would like a consultation on migration to any platform or details on how to go about doing it, get in touch with us or check us out at

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