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The Result

New Organic Visitors


Increase in SEO revenue


Increase In Referring Domains


With its establishment in 1977, Divers Supply has become a distinguished name, offering exceptional diving gear, comprehensive SCUBA training courses, exciting dive travel experiences, and various other services.

Poor image

Fails Google’s latest
SEO tests

Outdated and low
volume of content

Stagnant and less no.
of referring domains

The Challenge

Our team of Google-certified SEO experts analyzed their website and found that it was poorly optimized in terms of keywords and SEO-friendly content, failed to meet Google’s latest SEO factors, lacked hyper-targeted content, did not refresh content consistently, did not optimize product images with Alt Text and keywords, had stagnant referring domains, and had not invested in SEO for a long time, allowing competitors to rank better for targeted keywords. The team’s recommendations led to a 45% increase in traffic and a 38% increase in revenue.


Our team used keyword research and site audit tools to identify keyword opportunities for an eCommerce store’s significant products. We optimized high-priority pages with new content and interlinked primary and secondary keywords. We also added context-rich, keyword-driven content blocks to product pages and built a master page with hyper-optimized target keywords and subcategory pages with secondary keywords. They focused on revenue-driving keywords to increase revenue from organic traffic. These solutions improved on-page and off-page optimization, interlinking, keyword targeting, and revenue.

What our Customer Says

Working with the team of Google-certified SEO experts was a game-changer for our eCommerce store. Their state-of-the-art keyword research and site audit tools helped us identify keyword opportunities and optimize our pages for SEO-friendly content and user experience. We were thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services to any eCommerce brand looking to improve their online visibility and revenue.

Results Obtained

After implementing the SEO solutions, the eCommerce store’s new pages began ranking for added keywords, improving overall visibility. The master page and subcategory pages ranked first and second, respectively, and the number of referring domains increased by 73%. Within four months, organic traffic grew by 45%, resulting in over 45,825 visitors. Focusing on transactional keywords led to a 37.55% increase in revenue from organic traffic.