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The challenge

The website generated a lot of organic traffic but the visitors bounced off quickly without proceeding to checkout or further navigation. There was a pretty good number of purchases but compared to the actual potential of the website’s such huge traffic, the conversion rates did not meet the desired benchmarks.

A CRO case study
The industry leader for contractor exam prep courses gets a CRO facelift

About the client

One of the first online licensing schools that offers board and state certified contractor training materials, licensing courses, checklists, tools, and everything one needs to get a contractor’s license. While most of the licensing schools offer merely prep classes, our client offers an at-home curriculum format that allows the aspirants to study and prepare on their own schedule.

Our Solution

Right from product discovery to goal accomplishment, the website needed a strategic approach to improve engagement and end-user experience. We categorized the website’s problem areas into four critical phases of the customer journey and jotted down our solutions for every stage.

The Result

increase in orders from mobile devices
checkout conversion rate
increase in demo sign-ups

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