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The Result

Increase in Orders


Checkout Conversion Rate


Decrease in Cart abandonment


Contractors License stands out as a pioneer in online licensing schools, providing board and state-certified contractor training materials, licensing courses, tools, checklists, and everything necessary for obtaining a contractor’s license. Unlike other licensing schools that typically only offer prep classes, Contractors License provides a comprehensive at-home curriculum format. This unique approach includes demo sessions, study manuals, DVDs, practice test questions, and more, enabling aspiring contractors to study and prepare for the licensing exam at their own pace and convenience.

The Challenge

The website had high organic traffic but low conversion rates, with visitors bouncing off quickly. Experts conducted an analysis and found issues with the search engine, lack of trust and urgency factors, checkout problems, security threats, no mobile optimization, slow loading pages, lengthy form-filling, and other user experience issues.


The website had several issues with its search engine, responsiveness, loading speed, security, trust-building, checkout process, lengthy forms, and shopping cart exits. A CRO process was implemented, and a state-of-the-art search engine was integrated, responsiveness issues were fixed, mobile-first design was adopted, speed was optimized, trust-building elements were added, security features were strengthened, checkout page was redesigned, forms were optimized, shopping cart exits were analyzed and addressed, and free shipping information was highlighted.

What our Customer Says

I am thrilled with the exceptional work done by TheCommerceShop in improving our eCommerce website. Their team’s expertise in design, optimization, and conversion rate optimization helped us achieve remarkable results. Our website’s loading speed, responsiveness, and trustworthiness have all been greatly enhanced. We have seen a significant increase in engagement, orders, and conversion rates, and a remarkable decrease in abandonment rates, disputes, and refund requests. TheCommerceShop’s services have been invaluable in our online business success.

Results Obtained

After implementing various improvements to the website, including a new search engine, improved responsiveness, website speed, trust indicators, security measures, and checkout optimization, the website saw significant improvements in various KPIs. These included a 3X increase in orders placed through mobile devices, an increase in average time spent on the website, a doubling of the engagement rate, and an improvement in the overall conversion rate from 1.75% to 4.34%. The checkout conversion rate increased to 93%, and the shopping cart abandonment rate decreased from 82% to 7%. The improved shipping info and order summary also decreased disputes, returns, exchanges, and refund requests. Finally, the checkout progress bar and optimized form fields resulted in 113% more data entries for retargeting and abandoned cart emails.