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The challenge

The challenges faced by the client in their digital transformation journey were numerous, unique, and certainly more than what the brick and mortar store had. Thriving in an extremely competitive space that the fashion industry is today requires technology, innovation, creativity, and marketing strategies to go hand in hand. And that’s exactly where we helped them with.

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A Magento Case Study
This Fashion eCommerce Success Story Will Leave You Stunned

About the client:

As a leading fashion brand that sells glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses to men, women, and children, our client wanted to leverage technology to reach out to more customers online and amaze them with innovation.

Growth in the number of customers
Decrease in cart abandonment
Increase in average order value


The client approached us to help them with setting up and optimizing their Magento store to reach out to more customers and drive more conversions.

The result

Our eCommerce solutions helped the client reach out to four times more number of customers. Download this case study for free to learn how we made this astronomical growth possible.