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Growth in the number of customers


Decrease in cart abandonment


Increase in Revenue

Client’s Profile:

As a leading fashion brand that sells glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses to men, women, and children, our client wanted to leverage technology to reach out to more customers online and amaze them with innovation.

The challenges in the digital transformation journey were numerous, unique, and certainly more than what the brick and mortar store had.

Thriving in an extremely competitive space that the fashion industry is today requires technology, innovation, creativity, and marketing strategies to go hand in hand. And that’s exactly where we helped them with.

Key Highlights




The client catered their products to men and women of all age groups who loved regular glasses and sunglasses. Choosing a frame that best suits their face on an eCommerce store isn’t as easy as doing the same on a physical storefront. Our prime goal was to leverage technology to empower the eCommerce store with real-like experiences and overcome the disadvantages caused by the lack of hands-on trial experiences.


  1. Customers of glass brands are relatively more skeptical of purchasing online because they wondered how the glasses looked on them.
  2. There was an alarmingly increasing number of disputes like returns, replacements, etc.
  3. Buyers had reservations in completing the order even after choosing a glass
  4. Resulting in increased cart abandonment rates.
  5. Customers still wanted to visit a physical store to try glasses before they buy.
  6. The visitors-to-buyers ratio i.e. the CRO% was critically low.

Here’s how we helped the fashion brand get a makeover:

A thorough analysis of these challenges helped us strategize a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of our client. When we realized that the customers of the fashion industry want to have only the best, we understood that the ‘try before you buy’ option should be on the eCommerce website too.


1. Cart abandonments became a thing of the past

All those potential buyers who were uncertain and changed their minds at the last minute now became loyal customers and brand advocates. The virtual trial feature just redefined customer engagement, conversions, and sales. The cart abandonment rate came down by 75%.

2. More customers, more orders, more revenue

With easy options to share with friends on social media and check out if the glasses suit them, more customers visited the eCommerce store and tried different glasses, and the customer base widened like never before. From 2300 monthly sales to 11000 orders, the average customer base grew 4X. These changes resulted in a $25M increase in overall revenue.

3. The average order value had an upsurge

Tools to custom-design their own glasses and frames helped upsell more products along with what customers intended to buy. The knowledge base that helped understand the anatomy of glasses played a key role in letting the customers explore more products resulting in an 11% increase in the average order size.

4. Brand reputation improved positively

All these strategies helped enhance the overall customer experience. Ordering glasses online has become a more seamless and convenient way. Overwhelming responses from the customers paved the way to reach out to more customers, and the brand reputation graph had a positive hike.


This story stands as a true testimony to what an expert eCommerce marketing, development, and solutions agency can do to a brand. TheCommerceShop pulled this off with the right optimization and strategies. If you would like to give your business a magical changeover, TheCommerceShop is right here to help you.

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