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A brand pioneering in health supplementary product experienced a significant shift in conversion rate


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In Conversion Rate

About The Client

The client owns an online store to sell their own brand of health supplementary products. They needed an online space that specializes in providing personalized suggestions for choosing nourishments and supplements fo people of all ages

The Problem

The client wanted to improve conversion rate and NPS (Net Promoter Score) but did not realize where the problem actually is. The supplementary product retailer wanted a solution that could divulge information on areas where the website needs to be spruced up

Being for long in the domain of the supplementary health products and specializing in providing personalized suggestions that benefit customers, the client’s ROI was stagnated with no improvement in sales.

With more players entering into the domain, the competition exponentially intensified in the niche pulling down the client’s existing market share. The need for design and CRO expertise was on a high.

The Research Phase

Our design team researched to find where existing visitors stand with the brand and etch a UI strategy to create experiences that converted them into customers.

As a result, user behavior analysis formed the base of the research. With the help of advanced analytics tools, user satisfaction (ease of use), user involvement (frequency of visits), purchase journey and heatmap were recorded.

The next step was to know the business goals for which our designers went on to interview business owners.

By aligning user behavior analysis with business objectives, we derived the UX and UI revamp plan

Revamping UX And UI

The UI revamp was conceptualized in such a way that it leverages the existing design pattern in order to provide a refreshing look, but not at the cost of a totally new look and feel that customers are unfamiliar with. The research phase helped in understanding the user behavior and business objectives, better, to design an experience that’s future-proof

Product catalogs, personalized services offered, client logos, were provided with cosmetic touches for a polished look and relocated it appropriately to fall in sequence with a visitor’s purchase journey.

Keeping ease of usability and accessibility in mind, the UI was accommodated with quick links, breadcrumbs, which makes maneuvering and research effort easy for a user within the website.

Looking further into existing design details, our team opted to remove unwanted placements of social media buttons and add available options like PayPal logo, credit card logos, more featured products (in home page banner), and free shipping at appropriate places to woo customers to take a quicker buying decision

Supplementing With Support And SEM

Website Audit

After getting the visual and functional technicalities perfected, our team chipped in with ideas to boost organic traffic strength of the online store. A thorough website audit highlighted areas that needed a fix.

On page SEO factors like meta contents, URL structure, W3C Validation issues, web & mobile loading speeds, alt tags, broken links, sitemap, robots.txt update, canonical URLs were scrutinized in order to turn the online store SEO-friendly. Based on the report, the online store was advised on content strategies with targeted keywords to drive more traffic and fetch better search result rankings.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

The client wanted more conversions for specific products and categories for which we advised the SEM route. By analyzing competitors, market trend, search keywords, top players and client’s priority on keywords to be focused, our SEM experts created search network ads and Google shopping ad cam­paigns via Google Adwords.

Complementing the search network ads and Google shopping ad campaigns, our search engine marketing experts created re-targeting ad campaigns that roped in more new customers for the brand and eventually improved the NPS quotient of the website.


The pioneer in retail supplementary product supplies got its online presence per­fected in terms of user experience which resulted in a steadfast increase in traffic. While the on-page perfections groomed the online store to attract more organic traffic, SEM campaigns that targeted specific keywords helped the brand earn more customers to expand its loyal customer base.