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The challenge

Despite the heavy traffic, the conversion rate of the website wasn’t looking good owing to poor UI & UX.

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A Magento Case Study
UI & UX refreshment to amplify ROI

About the client:

The client is a pioneer in providing assorted health supplement products for various requirements like health recovery, sports, and general fitness.

Increase In Revenue
Increase In Organic Traffic
Increase In Conversion Rate

Flaws detected

Though the existing design was good, the UI wasn’t good enough to help users perform actions envisioned by the brand. We zeroed in on the areas where design polishing, UI perfection and a new UX approach were needed.

The new design approach

Having located the areas that require cosmetic and interface design changes, our designers came up with a strategic approach to derive an enhanced alternative UI that resonates well with the audience.

The result

Customers spent more time on the website leading to increasedpage views and ROI. The healthy rise in number proved the success of the newly conceptualized design changes. Eventually, the online store experienced an increase in traffic and more successful checkouts with an enhanced visual appeal.