One-page Checkout Increases Conversions By 300% For Leading Apparel Brand










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Increase In Conversions

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About The Client

Our client is a well-known eCommerce brand selling attires ranging from comfortable PJs’ to cliquey slipper socks. With customers across the globe, they experience a huge chunk of traffic but poor conversions.

The Problem

The Magento website hada poor interface which led to drop inconversions, even though their marketing initiatives were bringing in good traffic.

The client’s Magento website was also hijacked and they were unsure about how the hackers got access to their eCommerce website until they reached out to The Commerce Shop

How We Enhanced the User Experience?

By analyzing customer’s navigation patterns, we found that customers spent less time on each product page. Since the main theme and the selling point of the client’s product were their innovative designs and patterns. Also, product appearance plays a vitalrole in the success of any eCommerce business. To provide a comprehensive view of a product, we implemented the 360 degree viewer module. This module enabled the buyers to zoom the products and view them from all the angles. This increase the time customer spent on the product page, and also helped improve conversions

Google analytics and Inspectlet showed us that plenty of customers were dropping out in the payment page, this pushed us to integrate PayPal and Amazon into the website, to make increase customer payment option. The One Page Checkout Module was implemented for simple and swift checkout process.

To further increase the security level of the site, we changed the complete website to Sitewide HTTPS

The Result

In three months we did not experience any sort of security threat. The conversion rate has also increased by 300%. Our client is highly satisfied and has extended their services to incorporate more conversion-based changes to experience a seamless eCommerce operation.