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The challenge

Our client’s website had good traffic numbers, but their under performing web interface was lowering their conversions.

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A Magento Case Study
Understanding eCommerce customers

About the client:

Our client is a well-known global eCommerce brand selling attire ranging from comfortable PJs’ to slipper socks.

Increase In Conversion
Increase In Number Of Order
1 Sec
Decrease In Page Load Time

How we enhanced the user experience

By analyzing navigation patterns, we found that customers spent minimal time on each product page. By implementing the 360 degree viewer module we provided a comprehensive view of each product. Additionally, a One Page Checkout Module was implemented for a simple and swift checkout process.

How we solved the security threat

When the website was run on an independent server, an additional ping to a external site (third party site) was found. We reviewed all the code to identify any the malicious threats and resolved the issue. We verified that malicious code were hidden on the site with the use of a state-of-the-art tool.

The result

Their conversion rate has also increased by 3%. Additionally, no new security threats have services. Our client is highly satisfied and has contracted additional services.