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The Problem

Our client’s Magento website was compromised when hijackers got access to their admin credentials. They injected malicious codes that was disguised as a 3rd party tool to capture customers’ credit card details. Whenever a customer made a purchase, the code routes their credit card details and delivers it to the hacker.



Understanding eCommerce Security

– A Magento Case Study

About The Client

Our client is a prominent eCommerce website selling various sports gear. They experience traffic from all over the world with an average conversion rate of just 1%.

Increase In conversion
30 Sec
Decrease In Page Load Time
Increase In Organic Traffic

How We Found The Security Threat?

As a routine step in our audit, we ran the website through a series of standard security tests and it passed. It was only when we loaded the website on an independent server, we witnessed the additional ping to an external site. After further manual code reviews, we detected the malicious codes and cleared them.

How We Secured The Website?

  • Set up an admin activity tracker so we got notified every time someone used the admin credentials to log on to the website.
  • Set up a Sucuri Magento scanner to frequently scan the eCommerce website for any malicious activities.
  • Version controlled the entire website code on Git to reflect any changes made within the website
  • Installed Fraud Block to only let legitimate transaction to take place.
  • Enabled 3D Security for all Master and Visa credit card transaction
  • Enabled Signifyd module to reduce fraudulent transactions and boost chargeback protection.

How We Helped Them Improve Their Conversion

  • We optimized the website for a better site loading time.
  • Incorporated the low price guarantee module to let shoppers know that they are getting the best deal out there.
  • Performed SEO optimization to regulate the traffic and get in targeted customers onto the website.
  • Incorporated Google rich snippet to attract targeted customers.
  • Installed reviews module to help improve on page ranking for targeted keywords.

The Result:

In 3 months after the changes, we have not witnessed any security threats. The conversion rate has also increased by 0.5%. The client is extremely happy and have extended their services to incorporate more conversion based changes to improve their ROI.