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About The Client

Our client has the largest selection of Scuba diving Gear and snorkeling equipment at discount prices. With 40+ years of experience as a leading brand, our client sells scuba diving products such as diver’s suits, watches, and other essentials. It also sells accessories for swimmers, fish hobbyists, marine biologists, and underwater photographers.

The problem

Being a popular brand for divers equipment like suits and snorkeling equipment, our client needed an eCommerce site to sell their product accessories and a booking system for customers to book adventure packages that involve many diving and exploring activities.

The existing customers were finding it difficult to navigate and search for products on the website. The web pages were not generating significant traffic via organic search which in turn was prohibiting online visibility as well.

The old site ran on Magento 1, so it had to be upgraded to M2 for enhanced user interface and fast response. Besides upgrading, we identified solid scope to optimize SEO and CRO as well.

Version upgrade

The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was done with no compromise in quality. The feature enhancements in Magento 2 reflected positively in the site’s performance and scalability. All data including those of customer’s sales history and transactions history were migrated from M1 to M2 in a holistic manner. The advantages of Magento 2 ensured a faster loading time.

Site optimization

The site optimization began with the revamp of menu structure with a clean navigation for different categories. Prominent navigation bars were introduced for shopping by brands, gear packages, and free shipping. The new website built on Magento 2 helped achieve 100% responsive and adaptive towards mobile phones irrespective of the screen sizes, to deliver a consistent experience

Theme customization

The migration began with the customization of themes. The new theme was entirely redesigned with a focus on client’s requirements like enhanced user-friendly features and powerful search functionality for users to easily view their products added in their cart.

Search Engine (Google) Optimization

The existing site was not responsive and lacked SEO optimizations. Our SEO experts performed a thorough analysis of the site performance and based on the insights, optimized the site and achieved fast and responsive web pages

Conversion Rate Optimization

Google Analytics and webmaster tools were used to observe various parameters like

1) Visitor’s experience with the previous site,

2) Bounce rate and

3) Conversion rate.

Based on these insights, we tweaked the eCommerce checkout process with three easy steps for customers. The new site witnesses 30% increase in CRO.


The diving supplies brand recorded the best site traffic, attracted many new customers who then became loyal to the brand and ultimately improved conversion. With Magento 2 upgrades, site optimization, theme customization, SEO and CRO efforts, the website was able to deliver results that exceeded client expectations. Their revenue significantly improved and the client is happy and satisfied with the M2 migration