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The challenge

The client wanted a website to sell their product accessories online and a booking system for customers to book adventure packages that involve several diving and exploring activities. The old site ran on Magento 1, so it had to be upgraded to M2. Further, we identified a solid scope to optimize SEO and CRO as well.

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A Magento Case Study
Upgrading Magento Ecommerce Site For Enhancing User Experience And Increasing ROI

About the client:

A brand selling scuba diving products such as diver’s suits, watches, and other essentials. It also sells accessories for swimmers, fish hobbyists, marine biologists and underwater photographers.

Increase in organic traffic
Conversion rate
Reduction in bounce rate

Identifying opportunities to improvise

To utilize the full strength of Magento 2, we upgraded the site to the latest version. We performed the CRO to improve conversions. We implemented the latest security patches available for Magento 2 sites in order to protect it from hacking.

The result

The new site was responsible for increasing the organic search results by 30% increase (y-oy) and conversion rate increased by 30%. Reduction in bounce rate was a respectable 60% when compared with the old website. Ultimately, the ROI increased by 25%.