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The challenge

The client needed an efficient cart recovery process because though customers spend their valuable time on the site, they abandon carts before checkout. Cart abandonment reached almost 65% which means half of the business is lost. The innovative exercise equipment brand needed a solution to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales significantly.

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A Magento Case Study
Upgrading Magento Ecommerce Site For Increasing Sales And Decreasing Cart Abandonment

About the client:

The American brand with nearly 20+ experience in exercise equipment and invented the equipment which is an effective and fun way to exercise. The brand aims to improve the durability and performance of their equipment to help enhance the customer’s quality of life.

Increase in organic traffic
Conversion rate
Customer lifetime value

Identifying opportunities to improvise

With innovative features in Magento 2 version, we created a pop-up that intervenes customers who left behind products in their cart. Before the user closes a website with products in their cart, a pop-up reminding customers about the products in their cart will appear on the screen.

The result

With the cart abandonment feature, the brand was able to automate pop-up triggers and achieve a 25% increase in overall organic traffic. Additionally, they increased their conversion rate by 40% and improved the customer lifetime value significantly.