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Biome 360 is the most frequently visited eCommerce by people who are highly health conscious. The eCommerce offers healthcare kits to cure obesity, cancer, diabetes, and pregnancy.

Biome360 offers information to learn about and understand their own microbiome (gut, oral, skin, etc.), and the direct and indirect impact it has on many important aspects of human health. Additionally, Biome360 provides tools for customers to determine their specific microbiome profile for a healthy life.

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What we did?

  • Site speed Optimization
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Version Upgrade

Version upgradation

For robust performance

Conversion Rate Optimization

For greater business results

Security patches

For a seamless functioning of eCommerce


Security patches to avoid fraudulent transactions

We upgraded the site to the latest Magento version, applied security patches, fixed shipping related issues and integrated third party modules.

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