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How We DriveeCommerce Success

The Commerce Shop follows proven Agile eCommerce marketing and development methodologies.

Your Magento Enterprise Edition Partner

The Commerce Shop team is involved in Magento beta releases and we will be the first to know about the pros and cons of each release. Our Magento ecommerce team uses this first mover advantage to educate our retail clients on when to upgrade their Magento versions. Our Magento developers organize and participate in Magento meetups and developer conferences. This helps our eCommerce developers stay updated on recent Magento trends and we pass on this knowledge to our clients. We actively take part in top eCommerce trade shows and events where we engage with eCommerce store owners from around the world. We understand their business and inform them about the latest technological advancements that they can benefit from.

We also develop personalized tools and other innovations that focus on increasing conversions and driving better traffic. We have long standing relationships with developers who release Magento extensions. We use these relationships to recommend Magento extensions to our clients that help them reduce development cost and time.

“ These enable us to help our clients proactively apply security patches, implement Magento best practices etc. Our clients get a stable, bug-free Magento website by working with our team. ”

Your Magento Enterprise Edition Partner

How Do We Take Over Development Responsibility From Another Agency?

Website Audit

Vendor will do a technical audit to perform a health check on the following:

Quality Of Code– TCS (The Commerce Shop) will analyze and document if the code is secure and scalable.

Plugins– TCS will audit and document all the plugins used in the website. If any of the plugins are not actively supported, we will document those modules.

Extensions– All extensions used in the website will be audited and the tests will be run. If any of the custom modules are a security risk, they will be documented as well.

SEO Audit– Our team will analyze the website and product pages to improve the SEO ranking of the website.

Code Security– TCS will do a complete code analysis to determine if the current code has been compromised (hacked). If the current code is hacked, we will find out the entry points and make recommendations to fix them. We will also point out potential vulnerabilities in the existing setup and how to secure your code.

Server Performance And Security– We will analyze the current server configuration and make recommendations to improve the performance and security. We will also recommend a Magento certified hosting provider who fits your needs.

Website Audit
Support Process

Our Maintenance & Support Process

We follow the Agile method of project management. Our project manager will have weekly sprint calls with the client to explain the plan of action for the week and status of work completed thus far.

  1. Website & Code Audit
  2. Fix Issues Identified in the Audit
  3. Perform Maintenance Activities
  4. Add New Features as Requested
  5. Track Time Burned & Credit Rollover Pool
  6. Weekly Sprint Calls

Our Service Level Agreement – SLA

The following services are covered by this agreement:

  • Manned telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using remote screen sharing session
  • Applying security patches and Magento intra-version upgrades
  • Developmental activities
  • CRO consulting sessions with client
  • Periodic audit of Magento plugins and extensions for suspicious activity
  • Check and continue preventing spam users/content
  • Code & database backups
  • User training & Q/A on Magento admin back end

Tier 1 Plan

  • Rollover hours
  • 24×7 Support
  • Certain hours for development in addition to the hours that were bought

Tier 2 Plan

  • Rollover hours
  • 24×7 Support
  • Certain hours for development