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Manage and leverage your product data effectively

High-growth eCommerce brands realize the importance of centralizing fragmented product data. Manually pasting information in spreadsheets and dealing with missing SKUs prevent eCommerce businesses from scaling and accelerating operations.

TheCommerceShop helps you select a Product Information Management system that fits in with your business objectives within a defined budget and time frame.

Selecting the right PIM solution

Selecting the right PIM solution raises a lot of questions

Is it scalable and flexible enough to meet future demands?
Can it improve data consistency across channels?
Will the system connect to all retailers?

Get the right answers

Our PIM solution consulting workflow


Pre-planning phase

Analysis of business requirements


Set objectives

Develop a clear go-forward plan and common goals


Define process

Identify integration points and business process workflows


PIM implementation

Go-live support


Continuous support

Ongoing support from our PIM support team


What we offer

Actionable plans based on risks,disruptions, costs and benefits.

Business requirements definition


Practice information management software selection

The technology partner you can rely on

Lower tech investment costs

Lower tech investment costs

Our PIM consultants enable you to maximize business efficiency, eliminate high TCO, lower your tech investment costs and offer strategic consultation that will quicken and inform your decision making process.

Choose software that you can live with

Choose software that you can live with

We formulate a strategy to help you achieve both quick wins and meet long term growth objectives. Our highly experienced eCommerce tech consultants help you identify the right platform that you can live with for the next 10 years.

All your digital assets

Find the right home for all your digital assets

Too often eCommerce companies find their PIM software to provide inadequate storage space or have no direct APIs. These can be costly mistakes. Find the right PIM solution for all your product data and digital assets.

Let’s save you hours of confusion and stress

What you achieve

Reduce risks of mis-steps

Eliminate unexpected costs

Achieve optimal ROI

Modernize operations

Quick profile snapshot of one of our top PIM consultants

  • Extensive experience in product information management principles and data.
  • Exposure to major eCommerce solutions and relational databases.
  • Proven ability to quickly gather and qualify functional and technical requirements.
  • Consistently communicates with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Spearheaded several successful projects from concept to go-live.

Technical Feasibility Analysis

Technical Feasibility Analysis

Our technical team will evaluate various PIM technologies to assess their performance and potential within your business environment. Our thorough feasibility analysis will let you know whether the time is right to invest in new technology.

Our team reduces your risk of making wrong tech investments.

Free Technical Feasibility Analysis

With You All Through Your Journey…

Deploying new technology is hard. Let’s help you navigate the next steps with ease. Our PIM deployment experts will help you navigate the tricky phase of deployment and ensure easy uptake of new technology and workflows. Post-deployment we will work with you closely to develop a solid framework for the future of your PIM software. Maximize future efficiency with our post-deployment support.

TheCommerceShop is an independent consultant. We receive no fees, kickbacks or any form of benefit for the products we recommend.

Customers who vouch for TheCommerceShop

The team at TheCommerceShop were available at every phase of the PIM selection and implementation process. The PIM team was very accessible and informed.

Laurie, eCommerce store owner

It was a huge and expensive decision for my organization. To a large extent it was a large scale change and they were tremendously helpful.

Nathaniel, eCommerce manager

The team was very communicative and were transparent throughout the PIM selection cycle. They were also very analytical and helped us arrive at the right decision.

Emma, eCommerce store owner

Pick a PIM solution that is the right business fit for your eCommerce store