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Build your dream eCommerce store with advanced tools at affordable costs. Shopify plus is the cost effective enterprise ecommerce platform that has build for store owners. Get a Free Quote Now!

  • 250% Conversion Acceleration
  • Certified Shopify Apps
  • Dedicated Shopify Experts
  • Instant Integration with Other Systems
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

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Shopify Plus Development

Power Features of Shopify Plus



  • Enjoy 99.98% Uptime
  • Experience 60% Speedy Checkout



  • Customized global storefronts
  • Unlimited extensibility & integrations



  • Localized customer experiences
  • Built-in AR, 3D, & product videos



  • PCI compliant by default
  • Secure network
  • Strong access control measures

Upgrade your eCommerce store with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Scale your business on Shopify Plus. We have leveraged 100+ businesses with our Shopify expertise

Shopify Plus DesignShopify Plus Design
Shopify Plus DevelopmentShopify Plus Development
Shopify Plus MigrationShopify Plus Migration
Shopify Plus customizationShopify Plus Customization
Shopify Plus IntegrationsShopify Plus Integrations
Shopify Plus SupportShopify Plus Support

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Our Guarantees

99.98% uptime

99.98% uptime

2.97 times faster loading

2.97 times faster loading

Handle 8,000 orders/min

Handle 8,000 orders/min

50% Less cost

50% less cost

5X More profit

5X more profit

How We Work

How our Shopify Plus expert team works?

  • Research + Strategy
  • Wireframing + UI + UX
  • Design + Development
  • Implementation + Integration
  • Testing + Launch
  • Training + Support
  • Managed Hosting

Hire the Best-in-Class Shopify Plus Experts to work for you

  • Shopify Plus Design & Development
  • Shopify Plus Migration
  • Shopify Plus Customization
  • Shopify Plus Support
Shopify Plus Design & DevelopmentShopify Plus Design & Development

As a Shopify Plus agency, we help businesses convert like crazy with an exceptional shopping experience. From design to development, everything is taken care of by the leading experts in the industry.

Our Shopify Plus designers and developers craft world-class designs and wireframes, taking user experience to the next level. We merge Shopify Plus’ optimized themes with mind-blowing content and create killing Shopify Plus stores within budget.

Shopify Plus MigrationShopify Plus Migration

We make migration simple. Upgrade your conventional eCommerce store by migrating it to Shopify Plus and enjoy the non-stop conversions. Shopify Plus is fast, scalable, and custom-built, offering seamless store operation.

Replatform your online store with our expert assistance with zero data loss and downtime. Experience our cost-effective Shopify Plus migration services and offer a cutting-edge shopping experience to your customers.

Shopify Plus CustomizationShopify Plus Customization

Preload your eCommerce store for the future. We take advantage of the “wow” factors of Shopify Plus to higher your conversions.

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with augmented reality, product videos, and 3D visuals.

Our experts can help you with integrations, unlimited extensibility, and personalized checkout options with customized discounts, product recommendations, and shipping rates.

Shopify Plus SupportShopify Plus Support

Complexities or technical troubles? We take care of everything for you. We offer 24/7 expert assistance for all your queries. Our reliable and energetic Shopify customer support never lets your business slow down.

We work to answer all your questions and satisfy your Shopify Plus needs.

Brands Powered By Our Shopify Plus Solutions

Aidan Gray
Lands' End
Good State
HiVis Supply
All Things Barbecue
Fab Habitat
Chesapeake Bay Candle
Deals All Year
Divers Supply
Get Bit Outdoors
Golden Rabbit
HomeTown Mobility
Persian Basket
W3ll People

Shopify Plus Services – FAQs

Why should I upgrade to Shopify Plus?
Though Shopify and Shopify Plus may have similar funnctions, Shopify Plus is a an enterprise grade upgrade. It includes unlimited extensionsadvanced features, improved APIs, better flexibility, support and customization options.
What Shopify Plus services does The Commerce Shop offer?
Will technical support be provided for Shopify Plus?
Is it possible to integrate headless capabilities into Shopify Plus store?
Will The Commerce Shop help in migrating to Shopify Plus?
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