Free Webinar: eCommerce CRO

Getting started with CRO in 2021 The Post-COVID approach to double your conversion

About Webinar

Struggling to keep up with your eCommerce revenue goals? You aren’t alone.

Recent survey results show that eCommerce has surpassed levels not expected until 2025 because of the CoronaVirus pandemic, expected to bring in over $800+ billion this year in sales. With the nose-dive effect of the market that took place last year, 2021 is all about discovering new ways to connect skeptical consumers and assembling your marketing toolbox with innovative strategies to stand out.

Do you want your brand to capitalize on new opportunities despite the uncertainty to exceed your goals this year?

It would be best if you rethought the entire customer journey through well-informed conversion research. Get insight into how to execute conversion rate optimization to maximize your revenue with post-COVID strategies in 2021 and the benefits and other deciding factors!


Be there to get expert tips to take your business to the next level.

Key points that’ll be discussed:

  • CRO: what it means during pandemic times, how it works, and top optimization tools?
  • CRO Audits and how you can use it for eCommerce?
  • How to improve your Website with CRO?
  • How to build trust to improve website conversions?

Who’ll benefit by attending this Webinar:

  • eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Online merchandisers
  • eCommerce marketers
  • eCommerce marketing strategists



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Personalization Wiz

She has over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce space and has been the brain behind several highly successful conversion maximization tools. She develops marketing strategies that eCommerce businesses can pivot to. With hands-on experience of working with Salesforce she’s transformed business outcomes for eCommerce companies.

Karthik Kalimuthu

Karthik Kalimuthu
The Business Guru

Karthik Kalimuthu is the Senior Solution Architect for The Commerce Shop and has being customer-focused, he creates delightful solutions. He builds amazingly effective webpages and carry’s out scientific A/B tests to significantly grow our clients’ businesses. Being a data scientist creatively analyses the data metrics to identify the best variations for a website.