Webinar: How To Plan Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your eCommerce Holiday Sales

Thursday, October 03rd, 2019
between 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM PST/ 2 PM EST.


About Webinar

Plan and Launch Your Holiday eCommerce Marketing Campaigns Successfully

The holiday season accounts for 20% of the retail industry’s annual sales, and it is often responsible for up to 30% of some individual retailers’ total sale. In the United States, shoppers are scrambling to make all of their holiday purchases. Is your eCommerce site prepared for the shoppers? Regardless of your eCommerce vertical, there are a variety of strategies you can take to help increase eCommerce sales this holiday season.

Get free insight on how to capitalize on the best practices, campaigns, and opportunities this holiday season. Refine your marketing campaigns to boost your holiday eCommerce sales!

About Webinar

How To Plan Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your eCommerce Holiday Sales
on Thursday, October 03rd, 2019
between 11.00 am to 12.00 pm PST/ 2 PM EST.


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October 03rd, 2019

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Key points that’ll be discussed:

  • Strategies to increase sales and market share
  • Over-ride cart abandonments
  • Optimize the checkout process
  • Improvements to customer experience
  • 3x online store traffic, conversions, and repeat sales

Who’ll benefit by attending this webinar:

  • eCommerce businesses
  • Online merchandisers
  • eCommerce CX designers
  • eCommerce marketers
  • eCommerce marketing strategists



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Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar
Personalization Wiz

He has over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce space and has been the brain behind several highly successful conversion maximization tools. He develops marketing strategies that eCommerce businesses can pivot to. With hands-on experience of working with Salesforce he’s transformed business outcomes for eCommerce companies.


The Business Guru

He has for over 18+ years, steered and propelled eCommerce businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace by providing CRO solutions that allow customers to see a drastic improvement in their online sales by just making a few optimization changes. A go-getter he has mentored and nurtured many eCommerce startups in the USA.

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