15 Best Practices To Skyrocket Your Shopping Cart Conversions

TheCommerceShopNovember 1, 2023 | Posted by: Sundar

While many eCommerce store owners invest countless hours and resources into perfecting the aesthetics of their website, meticulously crafting each and every pixel, the shopping cart page, where the actual transactions happen, often remains an afterthought.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best practices that can transform this mundane corner of your website into a powerful conversion engine.

Let us delve into the four critical elements that can power up your shopping cart and skyrocket your conversion rates:

1. Order summary – Best Practices

2. Shipment information – Best Practices

3. Offers and discounts – Best Practices

4. Payment options – Best Practices

Order Summary – Best Practices

1. Unambiguous order information: Make sure your order summary is comprehensive and crystal clear so that the shoppers don’t have to leave the checkout process to check product details or any other information.

2. Teardown of a “No-doubt-about-it” order summary: Wondering what an ideal product summary looks like? Here’s a teardown:

a. Consistent & Verbatim Product Title:

The product title must be consistent throughout the website, right from search results pages and category listings to product pages and shopping carts. This motivates your customers to order with confidence without going back to previous pages and abandoning their shopping carts.

b. Quantity selection:

i. Clearly mention the number of units of each product.

ii. Provide a quantity selection feature that allows users to increase or decrease the number of products easily.

c. Detailed Pricing Breakdown:

The more transparent your pricing details are, the more chances your customers will complete the purchase. Make sure you display a detailed breakdown of every charge, leaving no room for uncertainty. Include the following mentions in your pricing breakdown:

  • Product price (with unit price)
  • Shipment charges
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Transaction charges (if any)
  • Packaging or gift-wrapping charges
  • Amount saved through discount, coupon code, or deals
  • Final amount to be paid

Shipment Information – Best Practices

3. Estimated time of delivery: Keep your customers informed when to expect their order. Clarity helps evoke a sense of trust and converts browsers into buyers.

4. Shipping costs: Prominently display your shipping charges. If you offer free shipping, emphasize the incentive loud and clear. Don’t make the customers search for it.

5. Shipment Partner: If your orders are shipped through renowned third-party courier services, highlight the information so that your buyers know their product will be securely dispatched.

6. Shipping Updates: Have an efficient shipment tracker in place that allows your customers to get live transit updates. Consider sending them shipping updates through SMS and other messenger services on demand and consent.

7. Shipping Address: Make it easy for customers to add or edit their shipping addresses. Enhance user convenience by allowing address autofill through Google or Microsoft accounts and prominently display the delivery address.

8. Expedited Shipping: Offer faster shipping options for customers who need their items sooner. Clearly display expedited delivery options with the additional costs of shipping.

Offers and discounts – Best Practices

9. Discount Emphasis: Highlight the value they receive by making it crystal clear to customers how much money they save on their purchases.

10. Easy-to-fill Coupon Codes: Make it easy for your customers to find and fill the coupon code field. List down available coupons, and you can also automatically apply the one that offers the largest discount.

Payment Options – Best Practices

11. Diverse Payment Options: Provide a range of payment methods to cater to various customer preferences, increasing the likelihood of completing the purchase.

12. Display All Banking Partners: Show a comprehensive list of accepted banking partners to reassure customers of the reliability of your payment options.

13. Easy Installment Options: If applicable, offer customers the convenience of breaking down payments into easily repayable installments.

14. Flexible Purchase Options: Many leading eCommerce stores provide their customers with flexible and deferred payment choices. A few of them are:

a. Buy Now Pay Later: Provide the flexibility of “buy now, pay later” for customers who prefer deferred payment methods, when applicable. Ensure that you have a failproof automated repayment system in place.

b. BOPIS( Buy Online Pick Up in Store): Many local customers choose in-store pickup as an alternative to shipping, especially in the apparel, eyewear, fashion, and beauty industries. Provide this feature if it is a feasible option for your business.

15. Trust Boosters: Instill confidence in customers and reassure the safety of their transactions by displaying security and trust badges, icons, and symbols.

a. Security icons: Use popular security icons and symbols that entice customers to proceed to purchase with confidence.

b. Reassuring CTAs: Replace your traditional CTAs like ‘Proceed to payment’ or ‘Place Order’ with trust-instilling CTAs such as ‘Pay securely.’

c. Trust badges: Showcase trust badges such as ‘Protected Purchase,’ ‘Guaranteed On-time Delivery,’ and ‘Safe Shipping Promise.’

d. Renowned Banking Partner Logos: Display logos of well-known and trusted banking partners on your checkout page to give customers confidence in the legitimacy and credibility of your payment methods.


Incorporating these tactics can work wonders for your eCommerce success. A secure and streamlined shopping cart and checkout experience loaded with trust-building elements and personalized touches can lead to higher conversion rates and happier customers.

So, implement these best practices and watch your shopping carts brim with success.

Embark on a journey to skyrocket your shopping cart conversions and redefine the checkout experience for your customers.

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