Announcing: Is Your Magento Site Ready For The 2016 Holiday Season? [Webinar]

Announcing: Is Your Magento Site Ready For The 2016 Holiday Season? [Webinar]

The holiday season is an exciting time for all eCommerce store owners. It’s in these two months that you’ll witness a surge in eCommerce traffic and sales (We know! It’s like you have been good the whole year and Santa is being extra generous).

The fact is, all your competitors are gearing up to have a rewarding holiday season, too. They also get a fair share of traffic and sales during the holiday season and if you’re not savvy, you could lose your potential customers to them.

Why You Should Prepare Your Online Store?

The 2015 eCommerce holiday sales report shows that 20% of the total eCommerce annual sales occur during the holiday season (November to December). The 2016 holiday season is predicted to have even higher eCommerce sales. If you don’t want to be left behind, then you must start planning ahead. Like, right now.

To help you get ready, our Magento developers and Magento CRO team are hosting a webinar asking one simple question: “Is Your Magento Site Ready For The 2016 Holiday Season?”

What You’ll Learn InThe Webinar?

This webinar will be extremely actionable and thorough. Some things you’ll learn:

  • Handling excess traffic on your website without crashes or performance hits
  • How to increase sales by increasing your Magento Site Conversion Rates (CRO)
  • Find the most preferred products and categories
  • Bring in the holiday mood through custom themes
  • Identify tools that can help you streamline and automate your Magento eCommerce processes

That’s not all, our in-house experts will talk about 10 different tips to help improve your online sales. We will also be unveiling 5 of our favorite tools to measure your Magento site’s reliability.

It’s the year to analyze and understand your website better. Learn everything there is to about eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization and prepare your website for the most anticipated holiday season!