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Conversion Rate Optimization is a big deal. Our eCommerce CRO team works hard to make sure your online store is the best it can be – Increasing sales and conversions in the process.

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We’ve been developing eCommerce sites since 2009. Our CRO team has a unique perspective on what works and what leads to eCommerce failure. We’ve taken our experience and crafted a custom eCommerce CRO Program. Here’s what we focus on.

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Homepage Optimization

It all starts here: Your homepage. This is where your potential customer has their first interaction with your products and brand. Having the right images, menus, placement of buttons, colors and design will either help you gain a new customer or lose a sale. Our CRO team makes your homepage a conversion engine.

Homepage Optimization For Magento
Navigation Optimization For Magento

Navigation Optimization

Menus, sub-menus and sub-sub menus – Our clients are always surprised when they discover that their potential customers can’t find their products. We take an unbiased eye with our user testing team, thoroughly analyzing your sitemaps and navigation. Just because it makes sense to you, doesn’t mean it’s simple for customers.

Search Optimization

No matter how great your navigation menus are, customers who know what they want will always go for the site search bar. Having an intuitive, predictive and personalized site search is key to get customers to the products they want, leading to increased items in the shopping cart.

Search Optimization For Magento
Product Page Optimization For Magento

Product Page Optimization

The sale isn’t guaranteed when the customer finds your product, they need to buy. If your page doesn’t contain high resolution images, social sharing icons, reviews, different colors, the right descriptions and inventory, then you’re going to lose the sale. We test all of these elements to increase sales.

Checkout Optimization

Customers have filled their carts and now want to purchase – This is where the highest rate of shopping cart abandonment occurs. We analyze the entire checkout process, such as the number of steps, social login, shipping calculation, credit card payments and a lot more. Our eCommerce CRO team turns your checkout process into an unexpectedly fun and simple experience.

Checkout Optimization For Magento
Reduce Cart Abandonment In Magento

Cart Abandonment Follow-Up And Email Personalization

Fact: 68.63% is the average online shopping cart abandonment rate. That means you’re losing more than half of your customers. Our CRO experts dig into your abandonment rate and offer actionable improvements to decrease it. Also, with our SaaS tool, we drop potential customers into personalized email sales funnels, leading to customers returning to their abandoned carts and completing their purchase.

A/B Testing And Page Optimization

We use industry leading analytics tools to measure and test hundreds of variables – Image size, button location, personalized surveys, rule-based CTAs and so much more. We then deliver these results to you in an easy to understand dashboard.

Personalization For Magento
Comprehensive Page Optimization For Magento

Comprehensive Magento & BigCommerce Optimization

Our CRO team also dives deep into your Magento and/or BigCommerce backend and site structure. We analyze code, site speed, URL structure, site titles, meta tags, ALT descriptions, page descriptions, broken links, hidden functions and a whole lot more. We ensure your site is comprehensively working as it should.

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