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Magento is an excellent eCommerce platform for many great brands. Being a certified Magento Solution Partner, we specialize in helping clients get the very best out of their Magento platform. Our Magento web developers and account success managers will work with your organization to make your eCommerce store even better. Whether you are thinking about migrating to Magento or you already have a Magento site, The Commerce Shop would love to provide Magento development services that help you accomplish your eCommerce goals. As a renowned Magento development agency with years of experience in Magento eCommerce development and Magento migration, we help you build a powerful eCommerce website.

Custom Magento Development

Every business has some unique processes, and that usually means you need to make some customizations to your Magento site development. Magento’s Page Builder Tool lets you create your eCommerce store the way you want.

  • Typically, a Magento customization takes place at a visual level – frontend and a functional level – backend.
  • We’ll ensure that everything harmonizes your corporate identity and sticks to the latest Magento eCommerce development practices and UI\UX design trends.
  • Our offerings cover end-to-end services, including Magento consulting, custom design and Magento web development, as well as support and maintenance.
  • If you need simple design changes, our certified Magento developers can easily do that too.

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Magento Custom Development
Magento Enterprise Development

Magento enterprise development

The Magento enterprise edition offers a wealth of features that today’s eCommerce shoppers are rapidly coming to expect. At some point, as you become more successful, you will need to upgrade your Magento Community to Magento Enterprise.

  • Our Magento development agency works with Magento enterprise clients to create a unique eCommerce web design that brands their business and increases online revenue.
  • Our team works closely with our eCommerce marketing team and your marketing folks to improve conversion rates and to drive more traffic to your Magento site.

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How To Overcome User Experience Challenges With Magento’s Effective eCommerce Features

Front-end / back-end Magento development Services

The Commerce Shop has a team of Magento experts, designers, Magento web developers, and Magento consultants who work hand in hand to optimize your eCommerce stores with a visually stunning front-end and functionally amazing back-end. And our Magento eCommerce development specialists take that one step further by continuously working to optimize your Magento site to attract more traffic. Instead of waiting several days to complete simple tasks that require multiple people to coordinate, our team markets, designs, and codes efficiently together. Want to hire Magento web developers who can develop a successful eCommerce store for you? The Commerce Shop loves to help you.

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Magento Frontend Development
Magento eCommerce Integration

Seamless shopping experience through omnichannel retailing

Consumers crave a system that allows them to effortlessly sail through the checkout process without the need to contact anyone for support.

  • Magento’s omnichannel retailing empowers you with a seamless sales enablement module by letting you integrate with top-notch online stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to sell your products.
  • Magento’s omnichannel feature works with powerful plugins and extensions that leverage the benefits of a broader customer base and product visibility.
  • The Commerce Shop’s certified Magento developers provide eCommerce integration with all of the best market places. Need A Customized Approach at affordable Magento development cost? Get free consultation.

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POS & accounting integration

As an expert Magento development company, we specialize in getting all of your systems working properly. Our Magento developers work to get your POS system to integrate seamlessly with Magento. Once an order hits your POS, we integrate shipping, accounting, tracking, and more. This creates not only a better buying experience but also a viable, efficient, and a foolproof business process. Creating an ROI-driven Magento website design requires enabling the right Magento extensions.

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Magento eCommerce POS Integration
Magento eCommerce Analytics

Custom personalized eCommerce analytics & solutions

Our in-house software as a service specifically designed for Magento store owners lets you optimize your conversions, enhances shopping cart engagement, reduces shopping cart abandonment, rewards loyal customers, and much more. Our certified Magento Developers put 1000’s of hours into developing the personalization capabilities of this platform.

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Shipping, CRM, ERP, servers & more

From Salesforce integrations to real-time shipping notifications, our Magento web development agency has you covered. We’ve completed all types of successful implementations. As an expert Magento development agency, we help you with our maintenance plans that monitor your site 24/7.

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Magento Salesforce CRM Integration

Magento Commerce Solutions

If you are in the B2B commerce space it can be a huge challenge to optimize all the different moving parts of a large-scale business. With a highly experienced Magento web development agency like TheCommerceShop, you can scale your business, tighten your workflows and provide a seamless website experience for your customers.

Magento Commerce Solutions

Together with Magento Commerce we can…

  • Develop features that allow shoppers to reorder their favorite products.
  • Enable shoppers to order quickly by uploading a CSV file or by entering many SKUs.
  • Provide a self-service experience to shoppers by developing tools that allow them to manage their customer accounts, purchases, payments, and credit.

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From an interactive and attractive user interface to a robust and fully functional eCommerce, The Commerce Shop has developed world-class eCommerce websites to help clients meet their business goals.

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