23 Actionable Ways to Power Your eCommerce Store at Zero Cost

The Commerce Shop has been into eCommerce development services and marketing for more than a decade. We had served 500+ customers with our strategic thinking, creative ability, and technology skills.

Often we see that the eCommerce business owners are constantly tweaking their online stores to cope up with the evolving trends. But is it done right? It’s never known.

No matter what the trend is, certain mainstays are meant to be maintained. Most of them are common smarts, while few others are clever business strategies.

So we’ve put together 23 such proven ways that will help you strengthen your online business and build a solid customer base.

  1. Consistently test your website whether it’s up to the metrics – performance, style, speed, and more. Constant checking will ensure that it’s functioning right as per your customers’ expectations.
  2. Make sure your site is efficient and effective – avoid unnecessary clutter. Keeping your store clean, simple, and easy to navigate works magic in the virtual world too. 38% of people say they stop engaging with the site if it’s unattractive.
  3. Never hide links or other details of your business. Keep them evident in your header and footer. This information proves that your site is legit and trustworthy. You can also add your social media links to redirect your customers to your social media pages.
  4. Adding relevant page titles makes it easy for visitors to understand what are the various sections available on your site and skim through them with ease. It also helps in SEO (search engine optimization) and page indexing.
  5. Your home page is the entry point of your site, and it’s the first touchpoint to connect with your customers. It plays a crucial role in making or breaking a sale. So, be careful with what to say and what not to.
  6. Allow customers to find what they want. When you have many products on your site, a search functionality that allows users to find what they want using product numbers or descriptions works like a charm.
  7. Being creative doesn’t mean you need to complicate things. Yes, innovative web designs are always welcomed but ensure it’s familiar and logical to navigate through.
  8. More than 60% of searches happen via mobile phones. Tailoring your eCommerce store adaptable with various handheld devices helps in offering a consistent experience. Embracing responsive designs accelerates reach and conversions.
  9. If you guarantee something stick to it. Online selling is all about loyalty and trust. Trust once broken would take forever to repair. Under promising and over-delivering will get your customers to flock to you again and again.
  10. Don’t bluff. Make sure all the content, information, and instructions on your eCommerce store are clear and concise so that your customers stay interested and not confused.
  11. Eliminate multiple clicks. 3-4 clicks to reach each product or to checkout may annoy your visitors to a greater extent. Making products and details available in a single click makes it convenient and motivates visitors to explore more.
  12. Authentic photos make a lot of sense as visitors engage visually first. More than 93% of online buyers’ decision-making process is based on the visual appearance of the product. Multiple shots in a variety of angles grab attention and let customers look further.
  13. Videos are an awesome way to share your story. They keep your customers engaged for a longer period. Videos are fast, convenient, and enable you to show off your product/service.
  14. Good product descriptions are equivalent to a full-time salesperson. Well-crafted, creative, and genuine product descriptions act as optimized sales pitches boosting conversions.
  15. Make your website shout out loud that it’s safe to buy from you. If your site is at risk, then so is your reputation. Make sure your website holds a site-wide SSL certificate, security features and is protected against cyber attacks.
  16. Don’t underestimate the power of reviews and ratings. They help you understand and serve your customers better. Furthermore, they build credibility, act as social proof, and of course – do some FREE marketing!
  17. Complimentary services strike the chord right! Offering customers with something extra such as free delivery, offers, or freebies, keep them engaged or interested in your business.
  18. Burying your CTA buries your business. Regardless of what you’re selling on your site – products or services, don’t hesitate to hit straight – “Add to Cart” or “Buy now”! Your “Call to action” must be bold, visible, simple, optimized, and easy to act on.
  19. Make checkout easy for your customers. It is the ultimate step that brings in money to your account. Single-page checkout makes checkouts quick and hassle-free in turn decreasing the abandoned cart rates.
  20. Upgrade your customers by upselling and cross-selling. Grow the average order value (AOV) by persuading your customers with the right products/services at the right time. Recommending similar or relatable products to the ones added to the cart encourages greater purchase.
  21. You need to keep it personalized. Customers are never impressed by mass generic approaches. Simple personal touches make you distinct from your competitors and build long-lasting customer relationships.
  22. Ensuring transparency boosts customer satisfaction. Online login, constant updates on the order placed, real-time tracking of shipment, and other personalized offers are the few ways by which you can show your customers that you care about them.
  23. Planning never goes out of style. Identifying opportunities, crafting a robust online marketing strategy, drafting channel plans, and having a clear approach on how to create a great user experience is the key to any eCommerce success.

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