5 Ways to attract converting customers to your online health & fitness store

5 Ways to attract converting customers to your online health & fitness store

With New Year’s eve round the corner, resolutions are all ready to be set up. It’s the perfect time for your health and fitness eCommerce store to set free all its marketing strategies.

The rising awareness and increased focus on well-being are pushing more and more people to concentrate on their physical and mental health.

In this ideal season, start capitalizing on your online fitness store with some authentic conversion hacks. Reaching your prospects at the right time, at the right place, with the right hook works like a charm.

1. Engage on a personal level:

Consumer buying behavior is a lengthy process. If not engaged with them on a regular basis, you may lose track of your potential customers.

Remember, connecting with your shoppers the moment they enter your online store makes a difference. A simple multiple option survey to know what are their fitness goal? or what they are looking for? will help you learn more about your shoppers and serve them accordingly.

2. Reach them in the right place:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or emails – reach your ideal target audience on the right platform. Use various channels to create multiple touchpoints, focus it towards driving traffic to your website, and create brand awareness.

Figuring out which marketing channels work best for you helps in narrowing down your efforts. Set goals for your campaigns and constantly check the metrics to understand what works and what does not.

3. Come up with insane promotions and offers:

Entice prospects with intriguing offers and promotions. Some generous offers will compel them to experience the difference of what your product or service is offering. Few captivating promotions and offers that you can try for your online health and fitness store includes,

  • Sign up offers for new customers
  • Special price for members
  • Flash sales
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Free memberships
  • Complimentary services
  • Free one-to-one sessions
  • One-day training session for non-members
  • Guest pass/open house

4. Get into data-driven prospect acquisition:

This is one of the significant ways to acquire new customers for your business. By understanding who your current customers are, you can find out who your best buyers are. The data-driven acquisition enables you with enhanced targeted engagement and higher conversion rates.

Once you realize who your target audience is, you can tailor strategies based on their specific pain points, come up with personalized campaigns and work on attracting more similar prospects such as your current customers.

5. Referrals run like clockwork:

Nothing works better than word-of-mouth in marketing. The online health and fitness industry is no exception to it. Stats state that referral leads convert 30% higher than leads obtained through any other channels.

Ergo, conducting referral programs and incentivizing your existing customers will get them to bring in their family and friends. Referral programs also strengthen the relationship between you and your existing customers.

Wrapping up!

We, The Commerce Shop believe this blog gave you some idea of how to capitalize your online health and fitness store and boost your eCommerce business.

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