4 highly profitable digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce store

4 highly profitable digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce store

Every eCommerce site owner wishes to have more traffic than before at some point or the other. While some sellers enjoy good traffic initially, they may wonder what to do after the traffic drops drastically. Some entrepreneurs may wish to expand their eCommerce site to achieve new goals but not clear when it comes to devising digital marketing strategies for this requirement. Luckily, for both these scenarios, here are four highly-profitable digital marketing strategies that are proven to yield high ROI by increasing traffic substantially.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid ad campaigns allow you to reach your targeted consumers with tailor-made ads and specific campaigns. Facebook Ads rank first among social media platforms with 2.19 billion active users. This advertising platform helps you target the right set of audience based on their demographics, preferences and more.

Millennials prefer Instagram and in fact, there are 800 million monthly active users and 73% of them having age between 15 and 35 years. This makes Instagram, the best choice to target younger audience. Pinterest has 175 million monthly active users and paid ads in Pinterest can be in the form of promoted pins which captures customer’s attention and drives them to your online store.

Market-specific SEO

eCommerce SEO involves online store optimization and off-page optimization. You need to track and improve market-specific keyword rankings while parallelly focusing on domain page authority to enjoy a competitive lead. Online store optimization focuses on motivating customers to purchase your products instantly. Ensure that your site structure is accurate which will reduce bounce rate, improve crawling and eventually enhance user experience when navigating through the site. Select the right keywords to attract the consumers and rewrite the URLs by including the most-searched keywords into the URL structure. It is equally important to tune your eCommerce site for voice search with long-tail keywords.

Use marketing tools to generate more reviews for your products and the site as well. Optimize the eCommerce platform and have a dedicated maintenance/support team. Make sure that product pages are SEO-friendly by providing tailor-made meta descriptions, page titles and URLs. Enhance the quality of product images and add title and ALT tags on images to improve product visibility in search engines.

Backlinks play an important role in maintaining a high domain authority. Have extensive link-building campaigns in order to improve site ranking, visibility and audience engagement. Every marketing content on the site should have a clear SEO purpose, addressing the pain points of its customers and providing them solutions. Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies should create a social buzz around your product offerings in social media sites.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests are shortcuts to boost traffic for a short term. Create viral contests to acquire new customers and re-engage with existing customers while building strong brand awareness. Customers are motivated with your rewards and prizes in exchange for their information. Make sure to save their information including their contact details and demographics so that you can send personalized business emails and invitations later.

Holidays are great for running contests and to conduct games. Engage with customers directly using your social media like Twitter to establish your brand’s presence and gain visibility among target customers. You can also plan for product giveaways by strategically partnering with others. Encourage participants to share their story on general topics and reward the winners with gifts and vouchers. You can also challenge customers in a photography contest and request them to provide an appropriate caption for your brand image. They can also be encouraged to submit selfies with your brand product. Ideas for contest and giveaways are limitless.

Content Marketing

Content is the king as it acts as the bridge between the brand and the customer. Content marketing includes blogs, infographics, whitepapers but it is a lot more than these. To engage users and to narrate your brand story in a creative and exciting way, you can present content in the form of videos, podcasts and ebooks as well.

Create a robust strategy covering traditional methods like promoting blogs but also implement latest trending practices like sharing customer experiences. Analyze the website content like pages with high traffic, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and underlying growth opportunities. Then, start writing content that fills the information gaps with the focus on high-traffic keywords and an intention to educate target audience with solutions to their pain points.

Original content is a must, but instead of limiting to product guides and brand stories, your business content strategy should cover trending topics relevant to customers and the brand. This will engage new visitors and casual buyers for they may find resources useful and indirectly, it will lead to sales and revenue at a later stage.


Here’s a quick summary of what we have learned about the four powerful digital marketing strategies. Start with paid ad campaigns focusing mainly on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. For improving SEO, implement online store optimization as well as off-page optimization. Run contests and giveaways to build your brand awareness and engage customers by conducting games and photography contests. Update your website with trending and relevant business topics and write content focusing on high-traffic keywords. Follow these strategies and generate more traffic to your eCommerce store.

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