5 Tools to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

5 Tools to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your Magento store? Are your sales low and conversion rate unsatisfactory?

If you are looking for concrete solutions on how to make your store more profitable, this blog post will show you 5 effective tools needed to drive more traffic and increase conversions in a Magento store.

We’ll discuss some well-known methods such as optimizing product pages, improving site speed, using targeted emails and website optimization while highlighting noteworthy new innovations like personalization platforms that can help improve results even further from a magento development services.

Find out which tools will give your business an edge over competitors so you can start building better relationships with potential customers and increase revenue for years to come!

If you are an ecommerce business owner, one of your top priorities is to increase your online sales. Most of the online stores have a pretty low conversion rate in the range of 0.5% – 3%. If you are running a Magento store that is in versions 1.9X or 2.X, you will have to consider these tools to increase the conversion rate:

1. TargetBay Magento Reviews Extension / Plugin

70% of the online shoppers read online reviews before buying a product. Most of the online shoppers are used to buying on Amazon after reading the reviews. But collecting reviews is not an easy task. You need to ask your customers to write reviews, sometimes you will have to incentivize your customers to write reviews. TargetBay platform’s Magento Reviews Extension will help you automate the process of collecting reviews from your customers. Their Magento review extension works with both Magento 1 and 2. They have a technology called “Mail After Purchase (MAS)” which would automatically send an email to your customers 15-30 days after the order is shipped to your customers. When your customers receive these emails, they can write their reviews inside their emails without having to click on a link.

2. Algolia Search

Customers who search on your website are 4 times more likely to convert versus customers who do not search on your website. This is because customers who search on your website have a buying intent and they know what they want to buy. It is important to provide accurate search results to your customers. Magento’s default search does not return accurate search results when your customers mistype a product name and it does not offer predictive search capabilities. Algolia has a solid Magento integration that will address your website search problems.

3. Chat

When a customer is looking to buy a product online, he might have questions about the quality of the product, warranty, shipping etc. Most of the customers do not prefer to call and talk to someone on the phone. Millennials prefer to chat and get their questions answered. We highly recommend using chat software such as Olark to answer your customer questions instantly.

4. One Step Checkout

During the last holiday season, 60% of website visits came from mobile devices. You need to make sure your website checkout is fast, secure and simple to use. We recommend using “One Step Checkout” where your customers can complete their checkout process in one page. Most of your customers will give up and abandon their shopping carts if you make them click through multiple pages to complete their checkout process. This becomes even more important for customers who are shopping on their mobile devices. We recommend using either OneStepCheckout extension or Amasty’s OneStep extension.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon owns 55% of ecommerce market share in the US. Over 150 million customers have an Amazon Prime account. These Amazon Prime customers have their credit card information stored with their Amazon accounts. Adding “Amazon Pay” to your payment options on the checkout page will help your customers complete their checkout faster because they do not have type in their credit card information and their billing address. Some customers will trust Amazon more than your credit card processor. We recommend using a Magento extension to add “Amazon Pay” to your checkout page.