7 Pro Ways to Handle Packaging for Your Online Fashion Accessories Store

Packaging and delivery in one single physical touchpoint that you own with your customers as an eCommerce store.

No matter how strong your online impression is, a unique personal touch offline can make a big difference.

We all know, the basic purpose of packaging is to protect the product and keep it safe until delivery. But that doesn’t mean you bluntly pick an affordable option available.

Packaging is the one place to ‘WOW’ and ‘HOOK’ your clients. It affirms your brand and its personality with ease. Innovative packing stirs up brand awareness, repeat purchases, and traffic to your website. So, extract the most out of it!

Never forget! Your business’s success is a part of the parcel.

Below are some ingenious ways to excite and impress customers with your packaging.

1. Suit the packaging with the product

Product research is the key to any package design. Figuring out your competitors, your product’s strength, and consumer opinions are crucial in finalizing your packaging. The shape of the packaging channelizes the perception of the product.

A rectangular box can be simply upgraded from the top open to side open, detachable lid, sliding lid, or crash box. So, go for it!

2. Experiment with creative modern packaging

The attention-grabbing modern packing technology never fails to impress the customers with its attractive visual appeal.

This packaging tech revolves around concepts unraveling stories every time a package is opened. They create a heartwarming memorable experience for your customers.

3. Match the cost of the product

In the fashion accessories industry packaging is directly proportional to the cost, despite the size of the product.

For instance, if a customer is buying an expensive accessory on your site, he/she will expect it to be delivered in a sophisticated package rather than in a cover with bubble wrap. Right?

A gimmicky packaging will let your customers have their own ‘eureka’ moment. This doesn’t mean you have to make a huge investment in it. Putting in a little bit of thought and creativity will help you figure out a cost-efficient and sufficient option.

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4. Secure the product

No matter how cool or pretty your packaging is, everything goes into the drain if it’s not safe enough for your product. So, be careful about that.

And when it comes to fashion accessories, most times customers expect products to be sent in reusable boxes, in which the products can be retained or stored.

5. How about adding packaging inserts?

Packaging inserts are a great way to add a personal touch to your parcel. These additionally inserted items come as a surprise gift to your customers.

Your packaging inserts may include offer coupons, cute inexpensive gifts, thankyou cards, or personalized notes.

These little delicates never fail to stimulate excitement and flatter customers. It intrigues them to post on social media even without being requested. Highly targeted inserts also increase cross-selling opportunities.

6. Go green:

Eco-friendly packaging is where sustainability meets aesthetics. An intact packaging with jazzing colors in eco-friendly material will craft a whole new impression, build trust, and shape customer sentiment towards your brand. Going green also shows that you’re on-trend!

7. Less is more:

Keep it simple and classy. Balance efficiency and cost with light packaging. Instead of hard, sturdy heavy boxes, try light ones that are small and cute. Evoke the beauty of the product and present it in a way that customers would love to have it.

So, what’re you waiting for? Go design your own innovative packaging strategy for your products.

If you need more insights on other marketing strategies and the development of your eCommerce store, don’t hesitate to talk to our experts today. We’re always here to help!