50+ Quick Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales On Your Shopify Store

Are your holiday sales not where you’d like them to be? With the holidays right around the corner, now is your time to make sure they’re at their peak.

Make those sales soar with these 50+ tips designed to give your Shopify store a much-needed boost. Whether it’s taking advantage of social media opportunities or making sure your pricing structure is on point, there are plenty of ways to attract new shoppers and maximize profits every season.

Follow these simple solutions for successful holiday shopping trends and get ready for an influx of revenue over the winter months!

The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s holiday vibes everywhere.

Experts predict that the holiday season this year will record new trends since there has been a tremendous increase in online shopping behavior compared to 2020.

Here’s an insightful article that lists 50+ effective ways to drive more traffic to your Shopify store and amplify your sales this holiday season. No time to waste, let’s dive into the details.

Optimizing your Shopify store for a successful holiday season involves the following key processes:

Prepping your store

1. Get the early mover advantage

Start your holiday planning much ahead of your competitors and communicate your holiday offers as early as possible.

2. Optimize your site speed for more traffic

Ensure that your site loads faster even at times of traffic surges on holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

3. Create festivity vibes with pre-holiday buzz

Build some buzz by posting sneak peeks of your offers and sales and ‘watch this space’ posts on your social media pages and groups. This helps you to prepare your customers before even you start the sales or announce it.

4. Track and measure your conversion rates

It’s important to know how much you are converting currently to find out what you are missing out on. Before you start your holiday sales, track and compare your current conversion rates with industry standards so that you know how much you can expect to convert during holiday sales. Here’s a FREE CRO calculator that helps you know your current conversion rate.

Product page optimization

5. Emphasize your offer loud and clear

Clearly highlight the before-and-after differences in product prices and use strikethroughs to show how much they save through the holiday offer.

6. Add holiday-specific themes to your product images and product pages

Right from home pages to product pages and product images, create festivity vibes through holiday themes, elements, and icons.

7. Add holiday FAQs on the product pages

Include quick FAQ sections on the product pages that walk through the offer details and steps to redeem the offers.

Conversion rate optimization

CRO Audit

8. Recover abandoned checkouts

Last-minute drop-offs at checkouts are inevitable. Recover your abandoned carts and improve checkouts through effective cart optimization techniques. This shopping cart audit helps you to quickly fix your cart issues and power your checkout experience.

9. Advertise offers on hero images and banners

Use the top-most folds of your home page, product pages, category sections to advertise your holiday sales and primary offers.

10. Assess your customer behavior and improve

Use analytics to track, measure, and improve your customer behavior on your eCommerce site. Reflect on what’s working during the holiday sales and fine-tune the ones that don’t go well.

11. Optimize your checkout experience

Ensure you provide a clean, smooth, and fast checkout experience with minimal steps, easy and fast-loading forms, and trusted payment options.

12. Offer a hassle-free mobile shopping experience

Optimize your mobile eCommerce for consistent and seamless experiences on all devices. Ensure that your product pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages are smooth on mobile pages.

Inventory & Order fulfillment

13. Prep your inventory with high-demand products

Make early and wise inventory decisions to identify the products that sell well so that you plan to promote them more and don’t run out of stock for them. Shopify has got best-in-class inventory management tools and apps to help you get inventory right this year.

14. Plan your order fulfillment area

You need to organize your order fulfillment area in a way that you have adequate space to quickly access all the products especially the frequently ordered ones.

15. Get adequate fulfillment resources

You will need more resources, delivery staff, and shipment partners to help you fulfill and ship orders to customers more quickly and seamlessly.

16. Align everyone and stay on the same page

Communication is the key to successful order fulfillment. Communicate clearly and regularly with your fulfillment team and local delivery staff to avoid errors and save time.

17. Prioritize orders from loyal customers

Prioritize important orders and fulfill those orders first to show appreciation to your loyal customers. Use different order tags to classify your customers.

18. Organize orders by shipping priority and mode

Ensure that the customers who paid for expedited shipping receive their orders first as committed. Assort products fulfilled by local delivery and the ones outsourced to shipping providers and fulfill them at once.

19. Fulfill based on product type

Consider parameters like product type, packaging time, etc., and, plan, and organize your order fulfillment accordingly.

20. Streamline your order fulfillment process

Stay on top of the entire operations from order entry to delivery. Spot gaps in the order fulfillment cycle if any and fix them immediately. Shopify’s simple workflow automation tools enable you to streamline your order fulfillment.

Offers & discount planning

21. Plan your offers and discount percentage

Arrive at your best discount percentages considering the product margins, competitive pricing, handling charges, and your year-end targets. Ensure that the OFF% should be attractive to your customers and at the same time profitable for your business.

22. Map your Holiday calendar with the products and offers

Jot down the start date, end date, sale prices for each product and every sale so that you don’t miss out on anything at the last minute.

23. Provide shareable discount links

Make it easy for your customers to access the coupons, redeemable codes, and vouchers. Enable easy and quick sharing of those product or discount links.

24. Pull customers in with a ‘jaw-dropping’ offer

Offer huge discounts on one of your best-selling products and use it as a marketing bait to drive visibility to other products.

25. Drive big wins with irresistible offers

Focus on the one product that is more enticing and invest more in promoting it with compelling offers rather than promoting all of your sales at the same time.

26. Evoke urgency with timed offers

Instill a sense of urgency with live timers and countdowns alongside the offer details to accelerate your shoppers’ buying decisions.

Combining physical and online touchpoints

27. Provide BOPIS options (Buy Online Pickup In-Store)

Extend your service and serve your shoppers in-person on physical outlets through features like BOPIS. Shopify POS helps you with more such hybrid shopping features.

28. Make your store inventory visible online

Comfort your shoppers with real-time inventory updates that allow them to check stock across multiple locations and know what’s available nearby.

Effective email campaigns

29. Start your email campaigns early

Plan your holiday sales email campaigns well in advance and keep your customers informed of all upcoming sales.

30. Use emails to sell your products

Based on your customer profiles and their interests, you can categorize your audience lists and promote hand-picked products straight on their inboxes.

31. Use emails to recover abandoned carts

Gently remind your shoppers about the items that they showed interest in but abandoned the carts without checking out. You may also run some offers for those products.

32. Provide tailored shopping experience with personalized emails

From personalized subject lines with the shoppers’ names to tailored product recommendations and salutations, make your email communication look one on one.

33. Send thank you emails with product catalogs

Shoot out thank you emails after delivering your order as a token of gratitude. While this gets you a good reputation, you can also use this space to promote your holiday sales and catalogs with select products.

Effective shipping strategy

34. Set minimum purchase value for free shipping

Provide free shipping on orders with a minimum purchase amount so that your customers get free shipping while your AOV also increases.

35. Offer Free shipping on product combos and packages

Create attractive product bundles and offer free shipping if the shopper buys the combo package rather than a single product.

36. Offer free shipping on subscribed products

Encourage recurring orders by offering free shipping on select products if the shopper chooses monthly or custom subscription plans.

37. Set minimum quantity of products for free shipping

Specify the minimum quantity of purchase for free shipping and thereby increase your average order value and receive bulk orders.

38. Provide free local shipping and warehouse/in-store pickup

Offer free local shipping and allow the shoppers to pick up from the nearest store or warehouse location.

39. Communicate shipping time clearly

Transparent shipping information at checkout fosters the shopping journey and increases cart conversion.

Chatbot, Live chat & Virtual assistant

40. Convert instantly with a chatbot

Use intelligent chatbot tools to pop up messages with links to relevant and compelling holiday offers as the shopper browsers across the pages.

41. Offer 24/7 live chat

Provide a 24/7 live chat feature to help your browsers with quick and handy shopping assistance.

42. Combine the best of both chatbot and live chat

Redirect the chatbot conversations to support executives and make the most out of human-powered conversations. Ensure your chat executives highlights the holiday sales and special offers.

43. Help your browsers with a Virtual shopping assistant

Virtual shopping assistance is an intelligent eCommerce feature that does the role of what a warm and smiling shopkeeper does in a brick and mortar outlet. Make sure you build a virtual assistant that guides the shoppers through the products and categories.

44. Build a ‘Take Tour’ option for your holiday highlights

Give a ‘take tour’ option that allows your shoppers to take a quick glance at important deals, steps to redeem the offers, holiday highlights, best-selling products, etc.

Making the most out of loyal customers

45. Effectively retarget to your old shoppers

Use channels like email marketing, Facebook, etc. to your previous visitors and shoppers who might find your Holiday sales relevant and enticing.

46. Leverage cross-sells and upsells

Impress your customers with intelligent product recommendations that are relevant to their interests, order history, search history, etc.

47. Provide ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ options

While a buy-now-pay-later feature makes the shopping experience more human, this also helps increase recurring visits to your store.

48. Provide easy installments on high-value orders

As a way to encourage bulk orders and increase the average order value, you can offer zero-cost EMI options with 2-3 installments as a part of your holiday offers.

49. Give early access to loyal customers

The holiday sales might be for all the shoppers but for your regular customers, there should be a priority offer and extra benefits. Remember, they are going to be your free ambassadors.

50. Give brownie points for referrals

Make your customers do all the talking for you, on your behalf and incentivize them with referral and loyalty points for every successful referral.

51. Continue to support post order fulfillment

Provide hassle-free returns and refund support. Engage with your shoppers even after the holiday sales and keep them coming back to you through monthly newsletters, handpicked offers, etc.

As the holiday season is right around the corner, it’s time to rev up for more shop visits, bigger orders and higher revenue.

Experts predict that 2020 will have new trends because there is a surge in online shopping behavior. Making sure your shopify store stands out among competitors is critical and often a challenge.

To help shopify business owners maximize their sales potential this holiday season, shopify development company have curated an insightful article of 50+ effective ways to drive more traffic to shopify stores and amplify sales opportunities.

From SEO optimization to leveraging influencers, shopify business owners who are eager for success should dive into the details without delay.

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