Black Friday eCommerce Packaging 2021: 9 Influential Elements You Cannot Miss

Picking a box, dumping the product in, and shipping it to the customers will no more work well. Customers are expecting more!

Good packaging makes your product and brand look trustworthy. Crafting a perfect packing for your product that holds it safe and looks great will work like a charm.

The few seconds of your customers unwrapping your packaging is all that you have to create an experience and impress them. Breaking the conventions and coming up with some creative initiatives will make you a space in the crowded market.

Here are 9 components that you should never miss considering while designing your packaging.

1. Concept:


Packaging is a perfect blend of art, science, and tech. A successful concept doesn’t just represent the product but also the brand and its value prepositions.

2. Story:


Through dynamic packaging, you can reveal your larger brand story. It conveys more than the company’s name, logo, and tagline – It tells your brand’s promise to its customers.

3. Shape:


A package’s shape gives a visual cue to the customers about the product and brand’s status category. Tall and slim packing indicates higher brand status than short and wide ones.

4. Color:


The color of packing may be based on customers, such as pink hues for girls and blue for boys or associated with branding. Nevertheless, the color of the packaging mostly signifies the power of the brand.

5. Pattern:


Using intricate patterns for packaging are a simple way to elevate your packaging design. Unique patterns are hard to resist and stand out from the crowd.

6. Typography:


The typeface or font style you choose to use on your packaging needs to be bold, visible, and easily identifiable. A good font would communicate the message in a clear and creative way.

7. Binding material:

Binding material

What binding materials do you use? – gums and tapes? Too much of it may make the packaging look clumsy. Self-locking cardboard boxes and crash-locking ones will give you an edge.

8. Material:


Green packaging is always great. Recycled boxes and eco-friendly packing conveys the message that your brand is innovative and cares for the environment.

9. Trend:


Stick with the new trends that evolve with time. Currently, the concept of minimalism is trending in packaging as well. Fewer materials, stickers of the logo, and customer details are preferred as these delicate nuances add an impact.

Now, let’s crush this!

This holiday season, come up with some exclusive packaging techniques and impress your customers.

What more can boost your business than satisfied customers? So, go for it!


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