Are you looking to add more features, tools and functionality to your eCommerce store? Shopify is a great platform for achieving this, but with so many apps available it’s often difficult knowing which one is the best for your business.

To make it easier on you, we’ve rounded up 9 of the very best Shopify Apps to help enhance your online store. Here you’ll find incredible solutions that can streamline inventory management, supercharge customer service experience and drive more sales – making them must-haves if you want to succeed in eCommerce.

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and so are the tools that are being created to help the process. There are a lot of wonderful applications that can improve your e-commerce site. We have compiled a list of some of the best Shopify apps and will explore the features of each in detail.

Unlike usual websites, eCommerce stores have high expectations.

The store needs to have distinctive looks and functionality to make good sales. Here is where Shopify app integrations come into play.

Shopify app store consists of more than 4000+ apps developed by both Shopify and third-party enterprises to help businesses.

Every day 100s of new apps are created to meet the unique needs of eCommerce stores. These apps focus on improving the operations of stores of various sizes and sectors.

From marketing, SEO, shipping, secure checkout, inventory management, conversions, dropshipping to speed optimization, these Shopify apps assist you in bringing more traffic to your website and converting it.

Thus, in this blog, you’ll learn about the 9 best Shopify apps that can leverage your eCommerce store.

1. Shopify Email App

Shopify Email app assists you in marketing your products and business better. Creating branded emails with the Shopify Email app’s drag-and-drop editor is easy.

Its pre-built templates, options to create, send and track emails, and customization functions that need no coding experience help in flawless running of your business.

2. LimeSpot

LimeSpot is a five-star rated Shopify app for cross-sell, upsell, bundle and AI Product Recommendations. It helps deliver 1:1 AI-powered personalized product recommendations, suggestions and frequently bought items.

It also helps cross-selling and upselling across SMS, Email, mobile and Web.

LimeSpot increases your average order value, ROI and conversion rate by 2 to 5 times through its real-time segmentation and dynamic personalization.

Its pricing starts at $15 per month with 15 days trial.

3. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox app is to talk with customers and sell your products over chat.

With Shopify Inbox, you can boost your sales, build strong community and convert browsers into paying customers. From managing customer conversations to creating automated messages, it makes reaching online shoppers easy.

To enjoy the benefits of the Shopify Inbox app, all you need to do is add it for free, customize your online store, and Shop chat. You can also use the metrics in admin to understand your chat performance.

4. ReferralCandy

The ReferralCandy app helps you set up referral marketing programs for your online store. It seamlessly integrates with email marketing tools and other marketing apps to convert your customers into brand ambassadors.

ReferralCandy’s analytics dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all the metrics, helping you to optimize the referral drive for better conversions. It also enables running an affiliate program.

Its customizable templates and automated customer invitations make work simple as well as accelerate brand awareness and customer loyalty.

ReferralCandy’s plan starts at $49 per month, along with a 30-day free trial.

5. Smile

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards is a freemium app for customer loyalty programs. It helps you design point-based loyalty, referral and VIP programs for your customers to increase sales, brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

It motivates customers to purchase more with points and rewards, reducing acquisition costs. You can also level up your other marketing apps by supercharging your subscription tools and email marketing with loyalty data, rewarding customers on POS and incentivizing reviews with points.

6. PushOwl

Web push notifications is a popular and accessible channel to attract online shoppers. It does not require an email address or phone number to display the notification or alert.

PushOwl allows you to customize your message and visuals of the notifications. It helps you bring back the shoppers who have abandoned their cart or forgot to checkout. It also helps make customers aware of the offers and flash sales through automated notifications.

PushOwl easily integrates with other apps like Stamped, Loox, etc., for better results.


By integrating the app with your online store, you can display reviews and ratings on product pages and the homepage.

This app enables you to set up custom automation to request product reviews. Customers can also include product pictures when they share their feedback for social proof.

It also lets you show your star ratings and reviews in Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc.

8. OptiMonk

Pop-ups are the most effective ways to nudge customers to share their details. They add value to the store and display enticing offers to trigger customers at the right moment without being intrusive.

OptiMonk helps in the easy building of email and SMS lists with pop-ups. This smart pop-up builder displays personalized pop-ups on the first visit, check out, and on the thankyou page.

It also lets you create gamified pop-ups such as spin wheels or scratch cards for engaging experiences.

9. Hextom

The Hextom countdown timer bar adds FOMO to your deals, products, and discounts.

Adding a countdown timer to your site lets your visitors know that the product or deal may not be available for long. This makes them decide faster and boosts sales.

Hextom countdown timer bar has multiple timer types like auto-recurring, one-time, weekly and daily timers to fit in various sales events.

Its easy-to-use advanced targeting based on products, promotions, countries, and social ads maximizes sales and profits.

Wrapping up

Above are the 9 best Shopify apps that all eCommerce businesses need to try.

However, there are numerous other Shopify apps to help you improve the customer experience you offer and establish seamless communication with your customers.

Before starting with Shopify app integrations, analyze your need, define objectives and goals you want to achieve and then implement them for better results.

Shopify’s app store is a treasure trove of over 4000+ apps created by some of Shopify’s development partners and third-party enterprises.

Shopify’s team works together with Shopify development Company to create unique solutions that can meet the specific needs of eCommerce stores across a wide range of industries and sizes.

With Shopify apps, businesses have access to a variety of tools that help them optimize their marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), shipping options, secure checkout, inventory management, conversions, drop shipping solutions and speed optimization features.

Shopify apps are helping countless businesses grow and succeed every day.

For more in-depth details on Shopify app integrations and the best Shopify apps for your business, contact our experts.



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