Sporting Goods Store Slashes Cart Abandonment Through WooCommerce Migration

TheCommerceShopJanuary 23, 2024 | Posted by: Serena George

Case History
Issue: Plain UI, inefficient CRO, and poor customer experience
Version: Previously built on Drupal
Root Cause: Lack of eCommerce enablement
Solution: Migration to a powerful eCommerce-ready CMS, WooCommerce


Tak10, a premier pickleball paddle retailer, faced significant digital hurdles. Their previous website built on Drupal was aesthetically plain and lacked essential eCommerce functionality. A complex checkout process caused a decline in customer engagement and slow revenue growth. Other challenges included:

  • The owner grappled with a website with an uninspiring UI and ineffective CRO, reducing customer retention and sales.
  • Customers needed help with the unappealing interface and a convoluted checkout process, tainting their shopping experience.

The Strategic Play:

Acknowledging the dual challenges Tak10 and its customers faced, a tailored solution was formulated and executed to enhance both the user experience and functional efficiency of the website.

Game. Set. Match – The Solutions

  • Migration from Drupal to WooCommerce: The initial effort focused on transforming Tak10’s website from a static CMS corporate site on Drupal to a dynamic eCommerce platform using WordPress and WooCommerce. This involved transferring existing website data from Drupal to WordPress, followed by seamlessly integrating WooCommerce to enhance the site’s functionality.
  • UI Upgrade: The website underwent a complete UI transformation, introducing intuitive navigation, elegant fonts, and a streamlined menu for a seamless user experience and accessibility.
  • Product Showcase Overhaul: A new and direct approach for product listing was adopted, including:
  • Direct navigation to detailed product screens with highlighted features
  • Homepage banners with add-to-cart option
  • Video demonstrations and high-resolution zoomable images
  • An interactive image slider and authentic customer reviews, including video and photo testimonials.
  • Enhanced gallery arrangement for better product visualization
  • New integrated sections for testimonials and FAQs to enrich customer knowledge and address inquiries
  • A live Instagram feed to connect social media presence with eCommerce activities.
  • Ecommerce Excellence: Enabled eCommerce capabilities to ensure:
  • Simplified product addition to cart
  • Streamlined and secured payment processing
  • An expedited checkout experience to reduce time and cart abandonment
  • CRO Advancement:
  • A single-page checkout system was introduced to boost efficiency and reduce cart abandonment.
  • The homepage design was optimized with product CTAs and categories, significantly improving order placements.
  • Affiliate Program: Introduction of an affiliate program offering a 10% discount to both influencers and followers, causing a high surge in sales

The Victory Lap:

The newly launched website of Tak10 is now a testament to the successful digital growth as evidenced by:

  • User-friendly UI
  • A noticeable increase in site traffic and customer engagement
  • An efficient checkout process resulting in high online orders
  • A reduction in cart abandonment
  • Enhanced customer retention, partly due to the enticing affiliate program benefits.

In Conclusion

Tak10’s digital transformation has been a game-changer, not only salvaging its online presence but also propelling the store towards sustained digital success. This revamp mirrors the dedication and skill infused in their pickleball paddles, creating a seamless and engaging online experience for customers.

If You’d Like to Know About the Client:


Tak10 is more than just a pickleball paddle store; it represents the pinnacle of innovation and craftsmanship in the pickleball world. Tak10 takes great pride in its unwavering dedication to excellence, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unmatched craftsmanship to produce paddles that stand in a league of their own.



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