All you need to know about eCommerce personalization in 2021: Best practices, benefits, examples, and much more

All you need to know about eCommerce personalization in 2021: Best practices, benefits, examples, and much more

An email with a generic subject line versus an email that has your name in the subject line – which one do you open first?

Certainly, the latter – right?

How do you feel when the shopkeeper addresses you by your name and takes you to your favorite collection of new denim jeans before even you tell him what you are looking for? You feel awesome, right?

That’s exactly what eCommerce personalization can do to your customers!

This article lets you understand the magic that eCommerce personalization can bring to your table.

So what’s ahead?

  • Best Practices In Ecommerce Personalization
  • Best eCommerce Personalization Examples
  • Ecommerce Personalization Benefits

What is eCommerce personalization?

It refers to the process of creating and delivering a full-fledged personalized shopping experience on your eCommerce store right from the first touchpoint on the website to order fulfillment and beyond. Omnichannel personalization refers to the process of extending your personalization efforts across every touchpoint on all the channels wherever your customers interact with your brand.

Why is eCommerce personalization important?

Personalization helps you boost the overall shopping experience of your eCommerce store. Personalized content helps you drive optimal engagement and convert more visitors into your customers. Ecommerce personalization not only allows you to maximize engagement and drive more conversions but also enhance overall customer satisfaction and thereby increase your returns on investment.

Ecommerce personalization is important –

1) To deliver a compelling and meaningful shopping experience

2) To drive more engagement with personalized and relatable content

3) To increase conversions, reduce bounce rates and abandonment rates

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Best Practices In Ecommerce Personalization

Wondering how to personalize your eCommerce store? It starts from the process of tailoring your website content, design, products, and layouts based on your customer requirements, behavior data, shopping preferences, order history, demographics, and other personal data. Listed below are some of the proven and best eCommerce personalization practices that help you deliver best-in-class experiences to your customers.

How to achieve eCommerce personalization and maximize your business outcomes?

In a recent survey conducted by a reputed firm, it was found that over 85% of customers preferred to shop from brands that remembered their shopping expectations and provided them with the most relevant products, services, and offers.

Here are some of the best eCommerce practices that help you personalize your store extensively:

1) Start your personalization right from the home page

Make the best use of cookies to tailor the home page experience based on the audience segments and their interests. Personalized home pages help you impress your visitors on the go and give them a stellar impression.

2) Leverage location data to achieve localized personalization

Offer location-specific product pages that visitors from the corresponding areas can relate to in the first instance. For example, visitors from the US should be able to see your product prices in USD while other country visitors see the prices in their respective currencies automatically without having to manually change options.

3) Personalize based on user behavior

One size never fits all. Each user behaves differently based on which you should trigger appropriate personalized actions on your eCommerce store. A person spending 5+ minutes on your product page can be considered as a potential buyer and if they exit your page without proceeding to checkout, you can pop up an exit-intent form offering them an exclusive price discount. Shoppers who watch more than 50% of your product videos can be included in your personalized email campaigns. These are only random examples and you can leverage your user behavior data to uncover endless possibilities of personalization.

4) Make intelligent product recommendations

Your product page is incomplete without a similar product section. Use this section intelligently to recommend not only similar products but also personalized products based on their order history and other interests. Another place to feature intelligent product recommendations is the shopping cart page where you should make offers that your customers cannot deny. The benefits of personalized product recommendations include cross-selling and upselling opportunities, customer retention, and increased lifetime customer value.

5) Engage shoppers with personalized virtual assistance

Imagine this! You have a dedicated personal assistant who can engage every visitor on your eCommerce store meaningfully and walk them through the products and features of your store. Sounds awesome, right? Also, sounds like a big deal – right? Guess what, technology can pull this off at ease. Using intelligent personalization tools can do all the personal assistance for your shoppers on the go. Chatbots, style guides, prerequisite surveys, size guides, color/shade pickers, recommendations powered by face recognition, etc. are some of the examples of personal virtual assistant solutions that can help your customers make the right shopping decisions.

Best eCommerce Personalization Examples

What follows is a list of 10 mind-blowing eCommerce personalization examples that will demonstrate how technology and personalization can bring the magic to your table. If you are wondering how B2B sellers are offering eCommerce personalization at scale these examples are here to help you.

1) Seasonal and weather-based personalization

Seasonal and weather-based personalization

2) AI-powered search custom search results

AI-powered search custom search results

3) Personalized email marketing

Personalized email marketing

4) Category-specific offers and discounts

Category-specific offers and discounts

5) Intelligent product sorting based on interests

Intelligent product sorting based on interests

6) Complementary product suggestions

Complementary product suggestions

7) Reminders about previous engagements

Reminders about previous engagements

8) Style finder tools that can act as business boosters

Style finder tools that can act as business boosters

9) Banner image personalization

Banner image personalization

10) Personalized offers to returning customers

Personalized offers to returning customers

Ecommerce Personalization Benefits

What are the benefits of eCommerce personalization?

The best thing about eCommerce personalization is that it benefits both the business owners as well as their end customers.

Here’s how businesses benefit from eCommerce personalization:

1) Increased conversion rates

2) Extended customer journey

3) Increase in average order size

4) Improvement in customer loyalty

5) Increase in revenue, profit, and ROI

6) Gaining a competitive advantage

Here’s how your shoppers can benefit from eCommerce personalization:

1) Easy product discovery

2) Appealing and relatable content

3) No-nonsense product feed (They see only what they want)

4) Faster goal accomplishments

5) Enhanced accessibility

6) Placing orders with confidence

7) Easy navigation

8) Smooth shopping experience

9) On-the-go assistance

10) Easy and fast purchase

These benefits explain why eCommerce personalization is the trend for 2021. B2B eCommerce personalization is one of the most promising and sought after trends for 2021. If you are looking to maximize your eCommerce growth and success, personalization is all that you need to do in the first place. Partnering with the right eCommerce personalization agency helps you give a facelift to your business and amaze your customers with an out-of-the-box shopping experience.

Ecommerce personalization is here to stay with us. The Commerce Shop has a team of eCommerce personalization experts who can help you achieve more conversions and sales revenue through extensive personalization.

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