Top 5 Magento Accounting Extensions For Your eCommerce Store

Top 5 Magento Accounting Extensions For Your eCommerce Store

Are you a Magento store owner looking for the best accounting extensions to help streamline your eCommerce operations and improve productivity?

You’re in luck, as we’ve rounded up the top 5 accounting extensions for Magento businesses that will help elevate your tracking, simplify financial management and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

No matter what your specific needs are, there’s an extension on our list guaranteed to meet them all! Keep reading to find out more about the perfect match for your business.

If your store is set up on Magento, it gives you the added privilege of letting you add many accounting extensions that can be customized according to your accounting needs. Here are some of the top rated Magento accounting extensions to help you ease and efficiently manage your POS and accounting system.

1. QuickBooks Online

From SMBs to large eCommerce stores, QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular and preferred accounting softwares. It helps you easily automate your accounting data. Any updates on customer, product details or stock information get easily updated in to your Magento store. Through QuickBooks Online, store owners can directly communicate with their accounting departments and get real-time insights of your accounting model. It also ensures safe backup of your data with minimal errors or duplication.

2. Xero Accountancy & Bookkeeping Integrator for Magento

Xero is a leading, globally accepted online accounting software that works best with Magento stores. It ensures automatic updates of your order and other inventory details and lets you complete your accounting tasks through the Magento backend. It’s highly robust, error-free and allows you to decide the kind of order that you want to import.

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3. Saasu Accounting

Saasu Accounting is a one the most suitable, cost efficient accounting software that can be easily integrated to Magento to manage your accounting tasks, seamlessly. Its special features include automatic integration of payrolls, bank feeds and inventory. Saasu offers extended features in cloud accounting, sales, multiple currencies, tracking, purchasing and CRM that are most specific for your eCommerce store. The main highlight of Saasu Accounting is that the software upgrades and releases are absolutely free of cost. It’s compatible with Magento versions upto Magento 1.9.2.

4. Web POS

Web POS is an excellent Point Of Sale extension that will help your customers to smoothly complete their checkout process. With Web POS integrated with your Magento store, you can create and manage your offline/in-store orders. It’s available for both Community and Enterprise editions. It lets you add products that are not available in your catalog, supports custom coupons and discounts, intuitive search supported by barcode scanning, manage refunds and process complex reporting with multiple payments easily.

For those of you looking for Web POS extension for Magento 2, you can check here.

5. MYOB Accounting

MYOB Accounting is a powerful accounting extension available in Magento to manage your business operations from anywhere and anytime. It’s one of the most trusted accounting softwares having more than 1,000,000 users spread across the globe. MYOB is a cloud based, mobile friendly accounting software that helps you to manage multiple accounts, calculate and track GST, synchronize and manage both customer and supplier accounts, accept payments from multiple gateways, create local backups free trial options.

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Magento ecommerce development services can help businesses of all sizes quickly achieve their accounting goals.

If a store is set up on Magento, it offers the advantage of using extensions for its POS and accounting system.

These extensions allow for features to be customized according to the business’s needs, and an array of top-rated extensions is available.

Implementing these add-ons can optimize overall accounting processes and help streamline complex tasks.

Understanding which Magento plugins are best suited for any given situation is key to optimizing performance and increasing efficiency.