Audio Ads on YouTube: Google’s Latest Update

Starting October 18, 2022, advertisers will be able to use Google’s audio advertising on YouTube, thanks to the recent update.

The introduction of audio advertisements on YouTube is a breath of fresh air for the video platform to promote brands and accomplish advertising objectives through audio.

Google introduced these and other improvements to YouTube ads during Advertising Week in New York.
Although YouTube is most commonly associated with video uploads, it is also frequently used to listen to audio files such as podcasts, music, and news since its YT Music app release in November 2015.

According to Digital Audio Statistics, When compared to radio listening, the effects of digital audio listening are more profound: +25% increased emotional intensity, +28% increased detail memory, +25% increased global memory, and +23% increased engagement. To top it off, 73% of American adults, about 209 million people, listened to audio online in September 2022.

With 2562 million users worldwide, YouTube is the second most popular media platform. YouTube viewers have multiple options for consuming content, including screen-based viewing and mobile audio listening. Since Google now allows all advertisers to use audio advertising, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to reach audio YouTube users listening to music or podcasts.

All advertisers can now take advantage of audio adverts delivered to people who show signs of listening, such as using an intelligent Nest Google speaker to play audio. Google Ads, Display, and Video 360 now support audio ads worldwide.

Google’s beta audio testing campaigns found that the Ad recall increased by 87%, while brand awareness increased by 81%.

Thanks to YouTube’s integration with the Google Ads system, audio advertisements can also help your remarketing efforts.

An experiment with YouTube’s audio advertising could be a low-cost option to spread your brand’s message. Try the audio experimentation with our Experts today!