7 Wise Ways to Exceed Your Black Friday Sales Goals

The holiday season 2021 is fast approaching.

Hope you’re actively setting up your eStore for holiday sales with a holistic campaign that spreads love and happiness in all forms.

Do you know? Research state that on average $509.50 is spent on Black Friday for buying gifts.

So, before you let your deals roll in this season, we would like to share with you 7 authentic ways by which you can successfully accelerate your holiday sales and outgrow your goals.

These proven strategies will give you an edge over your competitors by meeting your customer needs, attracting shoppers, and maximizing revenue.

1. Start preparations early

From product inventory to marketing strategy, sales offers to promotional materials, starting early gets you plenty of time to plan things accordingly.

  • Set seasonal sale goals
  • Craft seasonal promotions and offers
  • Pick an effective marketing campaign
  • Streamline inventory operations
  • Figure out return & refund policies

2. Allocate a budget

Assign a suitable budget for the marketing and promotional activities of your online store. A strategic approach with an overall plan can save you lumpsum with optimal reach.

You can allocate your budget based on,

  • Past sales records
  • Estimated/expected revenue
  • Fixed budget plans
  • Return on investment

3. Be prepared for new normal

The pandemic has boosted the online shopping spree compared to previous years. Thus, make the necessary technical and marketing preparations.

  • Prepare your website with all requisites
  • Craft appealing interface and navigation
  • Elevate site infrastructure to handle increased traffic
  • Include all necessary web pages and details
  • Add value to your site

4. Focus on channels

Promote your campaigns online in the right channels. Every channel has a different set of audiences and reach. So, select one or more channels based on your business objectives and budget.

Marketing Audit Services

  • Social media posting – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more – is a budget-friendly option.
  • Search engines such as Google and Bing Ads work for long-term campaigns.
  • If you’ve regular shoppers for your site, then email marketing performs well as you can send personalized series of emails including your holiday deals and offers.
  • Offline methods like flyers, newspaper ads, and more help in promotion on a bigger budget.

5. Implement seasonal landing pages

Creative, benefit-rich landing pages that are campaign-specific drive sales. Landing pages give your customers the seasonal flare that is required. Separate landing pages give the customers the final push that is required.

  • They make your offers clear to your customers.
  • Provide only the essential details that are needed for the sale.
  • Keep the mentions customized and personalized.
  • Add required effects and emotions through countdowns and images.
  • Push customers to a single laser-focused call-to-action.

6. Start first, end last

To make the most out of the holiday season it’s always best to start early. Though, it’s not too late to do it now, starting early gives an additional edge. It intrigues the shoppers who are eagerly looking for discounts and offers.

Extending your deals after the season generates increased revenue as most of your competitors would have ended theirs.

7. Be ready!

When it comes to business, you have to always be prepared for the unexpected. The presence of mind and ability to handle unpredicted situations is what makes extra cash. However, there are a few instances such as the ones mentioned below, that you may predict, and being prepared for it makes you a pro.

  • Shortage of products
  • Backup plans for shipping delays
  • Additional staff for operations such as packing, support, and more
  • Sudden technical errors or spike in website traffic

Perfectly handled situations mean a better customer experience. Better customer experience leads to more sales. Voila!


Ergo, implementing these tips is sure to boost your business this Black Friday. However, if you’re looking for something more specific to your eCommerce store, then take up our free consultation service.


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