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Are you a website owner looking for a way to increase conversions on your site? Do you feel like your current call to action phrases are not generating the engagement you desire? If so, then this blog post is exactly what you need! Here we will discuss 10 creative and effective call to action phrases that have proven to be useful in boosting website engagements. Armed with these catchy statements, users should be more likely to click-through your links or pages while also helping create an active community around your brand. Read on if you’re interested in increasing conversations and actions from your calls-to-action!

10 Call to action phrases that increase website

You must create the best content for your website by adding visuals, interesting content and videos. The content you provide should give a solution to customers’ problems. However, not just content, you also have to focus on the CTAs (call-to-action) buttons that are provided on the website, since this is what you want the customers to click on at the end to make a deal or subscribe to your blogs. You can get clicks on CTAs when the phrases are interesting. You need to write a compelling copy for your call-to-action phrases. Through these concise phrases, customers can know what to do and what action they have to do after going through the website.

Define call to action

Call-to-action can be downloaded now! Or click here! Or call us to learn more and so on. This is giving the call to the customers of what to do after viewing the post. The phrase can be related to downloading the eBook do you want them to click this phrase to read the complete blog post or are you requesting the company for a product demo? Through the CTA, the customers can know the exact steps they need to do.

Tips to write call-to-action phrases

You should know the objective of the website page to write the CTA phrase. This means that what action do you want the customers to take? The top of the funnel should have read now phrase while the bottom of the funnel page should have, sign up now or call us or send us a message. These phrases can let you know the goals.

The following are the three things you can do when you are preparing CTA phrases:

  • Start with a verb, i.e., an action word which can be read, download, contact, call and so on
  • Must create a sense of urgency like today, now, or in the next 24 hours
  • Tell the audience what they get by taking an action

When you focus on these three steps, you can create the best call-to-action phrase that will complete readers or your website visitors to take the appropriate step.

10 Best CTA phrases for your website

You might be confused about what CTA you must write. The below examples will give you a clear-cut idea of how to implement the phrases. We have listed out these 10 examples so that you can come up with the best CTA phrases for your website to persuade the audience to make the right move.

Read on

The top of the funnel should have a Read on, button. If you are sharing the blog post on other platforms, you can write a brief description of the post and give the call-to-action button so that interested customers will click on this button to read the rest of the post.

$100 off

This is another best call to action button that will compel customers to take appropriate action by offering them great discounts. You can also change this number based on the product you are buying. Offering the best discounts for customers is the best way to make customers feel like they are part of the brand.

Get started today

It is the best CTA that will create a sense of urgency. This is where you are telling customers what to do to get started. It is a powerful strategy to make people take immediate action. You are directly telling customers what to do. The compelling CTA is best to add at the bottom of the sales funnel content.


It is a great way for asking customers to retweet the post. If you want the other users to share the post, then the Retweet option is best to be used. This helps you get a greater number of followers on the social media page. This can be done through social media platforms.

Install now

Another best CTA phrase on social buttons is to have a button you can have on your post. While creating an ad, you have to choose the type of CTA button you would want to use. This will let you leave the right dimension on the ad to post the CTA phrase. It is a must to have a unique button to grab the eyeballs of visitors and inspire you to have many clicks.

Send message

You can ask the customers to provide the message or form that will reach you with the end goal. If the customer is nervous to make a purchase or sign up, you can reach out to the customers by allowing them to send messages to you through the send message button. You can have this phrase on the cover photo.

While supplies last

This also creates a sense of urgency in the audience like letting them know that there is a limited offer or sale on the product. If the customer wants a 50% discount, they need to act immediately.

Free download

If you want to awe the audience, you have to give something for free. You can provide the free ebook, checklist, template or cheat sheet. It is a great way to make the audience take action. Giving some valuable information for free will put less burden on their pocket.

Ask a question

You can allow the customer to ask the question related to the post, product or their feedback, you can put this call to action. This is a simple way to open communication and build rapport.


It is the perfect call to action to make your audience subscribe to your newsletters or email list. The CTA will allow the audience to learn what they should subscribe for. Customers may get the best deals or discount codes through subscriptions. You have to convey this in the CTA phrase.

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