WooCommerce Migration Enables Online Floral Studio to Ramp up Their Retention Rates

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Case History
Issue: Lack of E-commerce enablement in the traditional CMS
Old Version: Drupal
Root Cause: Limited features of the CMS
Solution: Migration to WooCommerce for UI Upgrade, Better Product Listing, Improved Gallery, Implementation of eCommerce & CRO

Luna Vinca’s eCommerce Challenges

  • Built on Drupal, previously a static website, they couldn’t add, update, or modify any products.
  • Multifaceted problems that stemmed from basic interface (UI) problems & an absolute lack of eCommerce functionality.
  • In addition to that, the inefficiency of CRO led to a dull customer journey with no variations in the amount, size, quantity, or options to place orders on the website.

The limitations hindered Luna Vinca’s ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive digital landscape. This is precisely what our eCommerce experts stepped in to change, transforming the website into a virtual design haven.

What they had to work with:

There’s a strong correlation between all the problems Luna Vinca’s team faced.

  • They quickly concluded that the static website caused a limitation of easily adding, updating, and modifying products on the website. This also hindered the site’s response to new changes and seasonal demands.
  • As an extension of the above conclusion, our experts also found the plain UI failed to engage users, reducing their interest and engagement with the website.
  • Another problem quickly showed itself was the lack of eCommerce functionality like a seamless shopping cart, easy checkout, and functional payment gateway. All this greatly affected the site’s ability to showcase the products, provide a smooth shopping experience, and offer secure transaction methods and payment security, which led to low conversion rates.
  • Inefficient CRO and the above problems also led to product management issues for Luna Vinca.

Despite the above-mentioned problems, our team started with the most basic problem and resolved it efficiently.

Solutions Offered

  • The first and foremost effort was put in to migrating Luna Vinca’s website from Drupal to WooCommerce from static corporate to dynamic eCommerce website by migrating the original website data from Drupal to WordPress and integrating WooCommerce.
  • To avoid any more product management issues, our team implemented an efficient way of listing products. This included listing products with names, prices, and all other details, including variations in image format for representation, allowing a very straightforward product management system.
  • Next, we completely revamped the UI of the website that would suit a floral design studio compared to the basic UI it had before.
  • Our experts implemented the eCommerce functionality as planned for easy product selection, cart addition, and hassle-free & secure payment, addressing the lack of eCommerce ability.
  • The final step was to create a robust and efficient CRO strategy that worked with the changing online demands of the floral design industry. This included an improved gallery with photo IDs and credits to make browsing easier for the customer without hindrance.
  • Our experts introduced a single-page check-out page to streamline purchasing, reduce cart abandonment, and boost conversion and revenue.
  • Finally, our experts wanted to tie all loose ends together by placing product CTAs and categories on the home page, facilitating easy access to products for any consumer wanting to buy products and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Step-by-step Breakdown of our Process

Step 1: Upgrade the Product Listing

  • Access your website’s product management dashboard to ensure all information is up-to-date, including the details and the images.

Step 2: Enhance product detail pages

  • Add and update high-resolution images for each product, enabling the feature to zoom.
  • Include different variations of the product with a description.
  • Set up a system so that the price updates automatically based on the selected variation of the product

Step 3: Product addition to cart

  • Add functionality to let users select a product variation and add it to their cart.

Upgrade the UI

Step 1: Consult a web designer or website design tool to update the interface (UI)

  • Create a user-friendly interface for simpler navigation
  • Ensure the menu and products are easily accessible.
  • Implement eCommerce functionality
  • Integrate eCommerce functionality plugin that supports product selection, shopping cart functionality, and secure payment options
  • Test the eCommerce functionality.

Improving CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Step 1: Revamp the Gallery

  • Organize your product gallery with precise categorization.
  • Assign each photo and ID and include credits wherever applicable.
  • Ensure the gallery is easy to navigate and links to the product purchasing page

Step 2: Streamline checkout process

  • Implement single-page checkout systems to simplify purchasing.
  • Remove any redundant steps to ensure the checkout page loads quickly.

Step 3: Optimize Home Page

  • Place clear and compelling Call-to-Action buttons for products on the home page.
  • List product categories prominently on the home page for easy access.
  • Regularly update the home page to feature new and popular products.

The Blossoming of Luna Vinca’s Website

The transformation was complete. The revamped website bloomed with promising results. The user-friendly UI increased website traffic and streamlined the eCommerce process, resulting in a surge in online orders. Luna Vinca had successfully navigated through the digital thorns, emerging as a virtual floral studio mirroring its conceptual beauty and grace.

If You’d Like to Know About the Client:


Luna Vinca is a premier floral design studio in downtown Minneapolis’ North Loop, led by the talented Jennifer Guion. Renowned for creating exquisite custom floral arrangements, Luna Vinca combines fresh, high-quality blooms with artistic flair to bring your special moments to life.

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