Best Ecommerce Conversion Hacks for Non-Technical People

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Are you a non-technical person running an eCommerce business? Do you find it challenging to improve the conversion rates on your website? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many non-technical entrepreneurs face this obstacle, but with the best tips and strategies, you can boost your eCommerce conversions. In this article, we will guide you through some effective methods to optimize your eCommerce website and increase your conversion rates.

The Challenges With Increasing Conversion Rates

In the world of eCommerce, increasing conversion rates is the ultimate goal for businesses as they directly contribute to revenue. Before delving into the challenges, let’s first understand why increasing conversion rates is crucial.

Conversion rates represent the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Higher conversion rates directly impact the bottom line and can lead to increased sales, revenue, and profitability.

By paying attention to improving conversion rates, businesses can optimize their digital marketing efforts, maximize customer acquisition, and drive growth.

Key Challenges

1. Capturing Attention: One of the primary challenges eCommerce businesses face is capturing and retaining the attention of online visitors. With countless options available at their fingertips, consumers have fewer attention spans and are easily distracted.

2. Building Trust: Trust is one of the most important decision-making factors for online shoppers. Without a physical presence, eCommerce businesses need to establish credibility and trustworthiness through other means – which is a significant challenge.

3. Checkout Process Complexity: A checkout process that’s too long can result in cart abandonment and hinder conversions. The challenge arises when businesses require too many steps and ask for unnecessary customer information during checkout.

4. Price Sensitivity: In a competitive market, customers search for good deals and discounts. Businesses need help finding the balance between profitability and appealing prices that attract potential customers.

Embracing these challenges head-on will help businesses unlock their full potential and achieve their conversion rate goals. Let’s look at a few hacks for converting more traffic into customers.

Best Ecommerce Conversion Hacks

1. Write Compelling Headlines and Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play a crucial role in converting visitors into customers. Focus on highlighting the unique features, benefits, and value of your products. Describe how your products can solve your customers’ problems or meet their needs. Use descriptive language, storytelling, and sensory details to paint a vivid picture in your customers’ minds. Remember to include keywords that will help with search engine optimization.

2. Post Attractive Product Images

High-quality images are essential for attracting potential buyers. They showcase product features, quality, and aesthetics. Include attractive product images from various angles and well-lit conditions. It provides a clear view for customers. Additionally, help your customers visualize the size of the products in real-life situations by including a model or an environment in the product images. It serves as a reference point and gives customers a better understanding of the product’s dimensions.

3. A/B Test Call to Action

The call to action button indicates the specific action you want your customers to take on your website. It could include purchasing a product, adding items to the cart, saving for later, offering discounts, subscribing, completing a form, or creating an account. Consider experimenting with different button texts, colors, placements, and other elements to optimize the conversion rate and encourage more customer engagement.

4. Display Trust Signals

To boost customer confidence, incorporate persuasive and trustworthy badges and content on product pages. Examples of such elements include a 15% money-back guarantee, a two-year warranty, speedy delivery within 2-4 days, a 7-day replacement option, secure transaction measures, mention of over 100 recent orders, and customer ratings. Implementing these features will effectively instill confidence in potential buyers.

5. Make the Checkout Forms Simpler

Many potential customers will leave a website if they find the checkout process to be lengthy and overly complicated. To address this issue, reduce the number of fields in the checkout page forms. Request only essential information such as customer name, mobile number, email address, and delivery address, which are directly linked to shipping and delivery. Conduct A/B testing on the form fields and optimize them based on the number of form signups.

6. Use Exit Pop-ups to Ask Why Customers are Leaving

Instead of using a pop-up to announce a sale or asking customers to subscribe, consider adding a pop-up on the checkout page or product page to ask a question if a user closes the window. Ask them why they’re leaving the site and provide a few options for their response. It can help you directly learn about any problems with your website from the customers themselves. If you don’t prefer pop-ups, you may also consider asking the same question on a live chat.

7. Address Price Sensitivity

To address the issue of price sensitivity, you can employ various strategies such as offering limited-time promotions, bundling complementary products, or providing exclusive discounts for loyal customers. These strategies can help entice buyers without sacrificing profitability. Additionally, transparently highlighting the value and benefits of products can justify higher prices to discerning customers.

8. Personalized Email Campaigns

Email marketing always works! If only you do it right and execute it in a disciplined manner, like sending only a few emails or irrelevant content. Implement email marketing strategies to reconnect with potential customers or encourage repeat purchases. Try sending personalized email campaigns based on customers’ browsing and purchase history to deliver relevant and engaging content.

9. Leverage Interactive Videos

Interactive videos, a new form of video marketing, allow website visitors to get information by clicking buttons, responding to questions, and selecting paths. These features enhance customer engagement and boost conversions. For instance, you can include hotspots in your videos to showcase different aspects, such as angles, colors, or sizes of your products, and a 360-degree view to offer a virtual reality experience.


Boosting eCommerce conversions might seem challenging for non-technical individuals, but with the right strategies in place, it’s absolutely achievable. By understanding the challenges and implementing effective techniques, you can optimize your website with little technical support and achieve better results. However, the key to success is consistently trying new ideas and approaches and delivering a better experience for your users.

We hope you find this blog helpful. If you need any further tips or want professional advice in optimizing your website for more conversions, get in touch with us for a FREE CONSULTATION AND A CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION AUDIT.

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