How To Overcome User Experience Challenges With Magento’s Effective eCommerce Features

How To Overcome User Experience Challenges With Magento’s Effective eCommerce Features

In the midst of a number of fast-changing digital trends, the crux of the customer journey remains to be the user experience of your website. UX plays an integral part in understanding your customer needs, fulfilling them, and thereby enhancing your business outcomes.

With numerous sources of distractions all around, the attention span of a digital user is reaching new lows in recent times. This entails the eCommerce stores to provide a more focused and well-orchestrated user journey to the customers.

This article is a short summary of the top 5 UX challenges in the eCommerce sphere and effective ways to solve them.

A customer’s digital journey can be broadly classified into four categories:

  • Product discovery
  • Accessing product information
  • Navigation across multiple pages
  • Shopping cart checkout

What follows is a list of the topmost challenges faced by users in each part of their shopping journey:

#1 Challenge

Discovering the right product among multiple options

From hundreds of products that your eCommerce store sells, it isn’t an easy task for your customers to discover the right product they are looking for unless you provide them with an effective product discovery solution.


Advanced filtering options

Ease your customer’s product discovery process with multi-level filtering options. You need to let your customers assort products based on multiple parameters like brand, type, price, and other categories.

#2 Challenge

Accessing product information

Shoppers leave the website instantly the moment they find hassles in navigation or inadequacy in the product information.


Well-articulated navigation

Make use of hamburger or slide menu options and provide your customers with easy and intuitive navigational features. Feature the categories and subcategories that clearly segment your products and enable your shoppers to navigate seamlessly across multiple pages.

#3 Challenge

Distracted user journey

When the content, navigation, product display, and other website elements are generic and not personalized, shoppers easily get distracted and do not engage more on the website. It is surveyed that more than 69% of customers prefer personalized communication to generic content.


Personalized content

Curated content, personalized product recommendations, and custom pricing information based on shopping behavior play a major role in improving the shopping experience. Personalized content enables you to narrow your customers’ shopping journey towards product checkout and helps you convert more.

#4 Challenge

Cart abandonment

Shopping carts make the final most part of the marketing funnel and checkout is the last step of the user journey. Interruption in the user journey at this point makes all your strenuous effort go in vain.


Optimized checkouts

Here are some ways to optimize the checkout process effectively:

  • Reducing the number of steps in the checkout process
  • Using autofill suggestions
  • Displaying a status bar or progress bar
  • Providing precise order summary (This prevents them from going back and checking their order)

Delivering a seamless and smooth shopping experience to your customers begins with optimizing the user experience of your store. What if we tell you there’s a UX-ready eCommerce platform? Yes, Magento is one of the topmost and best-performing eCommerce platforms that comes with a plethora of features that lets you sell more easily, quickly, and with unlimited customization.

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