How to Uncover The Hidden Superpowers of Your Shopping Cart

TheCommerceShopNovember 25, 2023 | Posted by: Sundar


In a world of increasing distractions, it is more important than ever for an eCommerce store to have a more focused and engaging shopping cart. In this blog, we’ll explore ten pivotal features that can significantly enhance your shopping cart’s effectiveness and outcomes.

Listed below are ten shopping cart essentials that can supercharge your customers’ purchase experience and website conversions through persuasive engagement and thoroughly optimized customer journeys.

1. Visual progress indicator

2. Cart review

3. Mini cart

4. One-click checkout

5. Guest checkout

6. One-page checkout

7. Personalized product recommendations

8. Cross-selling recommendations

9. Bulk order discounts

10. Overlay Pop-ups

#1 Visual Progress Indicator

Having a visual progress indicator enables you to guide your shoppers through the different steps of the checkout process. This visual representation will keep your customers informed of where they are and what steps remain.

#2 Cart Review

Customers often want to be double-assured that they are ordering the right item. ‘Cart Review’ allows customers to quickly make last-minute adjustments, like removing or adding items, updating quantities, and verifying product details before proceeding to checkout.

Cart Review

#3 Mini Cart

Enable users to proceed to checkout or continue shopping without navigating to a separate cart page by providing a quick summary of the products using a mini cart on the product page. A mini cart is a condensed version of the shopping cart that typically appears as an overlay pop-up, expandable/collapsible panel, or dropdown on the website when an item is added to the cart.

#4 One-click Checkout

One-click checkout allows registered users to complete their purchases with a single click by making use of pre-saved shipping and payment information. This feature saves time and encourages impulse buying.

One-click Checkout

#5 Guest Checkout

Allowing first-time shoppers or one-time buyers to make purchases without having to create a new account eases their purchase journey. It has been observed that eCommerce stores with a guest checkout option convert 58% more when compared to traditional checkout processes with lengthy registration steps.

#6 One-Page Checkout

A one-page checkout (also called ‘Express Checkout’) combines the entire steps, such as shipping information, payment details, order review, etc., on a single page so that your customers make a focused purchase without any friction.

#7 Personalized Recommendations:

Provide personalized product recommendations based on a user’s search and purchase history. Adding personalized product recommendations in the shopping cart enhances the sense of being valued and makes the shopping experience more relevant, leading to increased sales.

#8 Cross-selling recommendations

Another way to increase shopping cart engagement is to suggest relevant items that go well with the products in the cart. These recommendations can help to boost average order values. Here are some popular cross-selling examples:

  • Frequently bought together
  • You may also like
  • Customers also bought these

#9 Bulk order discounts

This is another cross-selling technique where you can bundle a few products together for attractive pricing to increase the chances of bulk orders. This is a win-win for both you and your customers—your customers get a great cost-saving deal, and you sell more products without hurting your profit margins. Here are a few examples of how bulk order deals can be positioned:

  • Save 20% by adding these items to your cart.
  • Bundle and save! Buy any three items and get 15% off the total price.
  • Mix and match to create your own bundle. Save 25%.

#10 Overlay pop-ups

The customer might want to go back to the product page to read the description or check the specifications after adding products to the cart. In order to avoid this friction, you can present the product information and other details using overlay pop-ups.

Closing Thoughts

A well-optimized shopping cart is the linchpin of all successful eCommerce stores. By integrating these ten features into your shopping carts, you can improve user engagement, reduce cart abandonment, and amplify your conversion rates. Need help getting started? Book your free shopping cart audit to identify and fix the leakages in your conversion funnel.



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