Join our Webinar on Getting Started With CRO in 2021 – The Post-COVID Approach To Double Your Conversion!

Join our Webinar on Getting Started With CRO in 2021 – The Post-COVID Approach To Double Your Conversion!

The Corona Virus-triggered pandemic is driving more shoppers than ever to buy online. Following the pandemic outbreak, consumers worldwide have flocked online shopping sites more than they have since the advent of the internet – and they also haven’t let go of their increasingly high expectations for online experiences.

Business owners and marketing teams will already be confident in successfully executing and maintaining traffic acquisition-based campaigns through well-known digital marketing channels such as Digital PR, Paid Search, and SEO. Conversion Rate Optimisation, also referred to as CRO, is a new service and a bit technical for many, requiring expertise and consultancy to get it rolling effectively. When it melts down to CRO, two things play a pivotal role, and they are:

  1. Drive more traffic to your website.
  2. Covert those website traffic into tangible, revenue-generating upshot.

Join us for a live 60-minute webinar. Our experts will share tips and guidance on ways to get started with CRO in 2021 – the post-COVID approach. If you look forward and want your brand to capitalize on new opportunities despite the uncertainties to surpass your goals this year. Then, it is ideal for you to rethink and implement the entire customer journey through uncomparable conversion research.

You’ll learn:

  • CRO: what it means during pandemic times, how it works, and top optimization tools?
  • CRO Audits and how you can use it for eCommerce?
  • How to improve your Website with CRO?
  • How to build trust to improve website conversions?

Who should attend:

This session is delivered for all levels and is relevant for:

  • eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Online merchandisers
  • eCommerce marketers
  • eCommerce marketing strategists

With 11+ Yrs of experience in the eCommerce industry, TheCommerceShop has helped numerous eCommerce retailers to achieve their goals. In order to help our clients accomplish success, we continuously update and polish our skills and add our resources with the best CRO talents in the industry. When we acquire the required knowledge, we don’t keep it to ourselves; we start sharing it with our clients, business owners, and marketing personnel through webinars.

Over the years, our webinars have been well received and appreciated by industry experts. We often witness people coming back to us for more insights. You don’t have to rethink for a second; it is happening again; Register Now!