Predictions and Key Metrics for Shopify’s Unstoppable Growth Through 2023

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Predictions and Key Metrics for Shopify's Unstoppable Growth Through 2023


When it comes to online storefronts, Shopify is a top contender. Its revenue has increased steadily over the past few years, typically tripling year over year. Shopify saw a 10% growth in revenue to $3.2 billion in 2021. In the second quarter of 2020, Shopify observed a 71% growth in online stores created on its platform, testifying to the irreversible shift in eCommerce. As per BuiltWith, Shopify stores currently stand at 4.25 Million across 175 countries, compared to 3 Million in 2021.

Did you know? Global retail e-commerce sales are projected to reach $5.834 trillion in 2023, up from $4.283 trillion in 2020, representing a 36.3% increase over the three years. With that said, let’s dive right in.


With over a million stores and counting, the internet retail juggernaut is forever altering the face of commerce. The trends behind Shopify’s spectacular ascension to the top are discussed in this article, which analyzes the most recent statistical data, studies, and industry advancements.

With the help of this data, we track the constant use of Shopify and the insurmountable growth it has seen in the last year. We also share forecasts for the next two quarters of 2023, providing you with the information you need to keep one step ahead of the competition. This article will help you take a data-driven approach for your e-commerce Shopify store in the retail universe.

Let’s look at the Shopify Phenomena by the numbers as of April 2023

Section 1: Numbers That Matter

How many Shopify stores are there?
As of April 2023, there are 23,143 Shopify Plus stores in 175 nations. There are more Shopify Plus stores in the US than in any other country (13,847 in total).

How many people use Shopify?
More than 175 nations have retailers using Shopify. (Inspiration: Shopify) According to, out of the more than 4.2 million active Shopify stores, 2,722,707 are in the United States. This represents 64 percent of all Shopify stores.

How popular is Shopify?
According to BuiltWith, Shopify accounts for 25% of the e-commerce platform market in the United States. As a result, Shopify has become the most popular e-commerce solution in the USA.

How many people shop on Shopify?
About 4.4 million people utilize it daily. This number fluctuates from day to day, but it still demonstrates that many individuals are visiting and making purchases from their virtual stores daily.

Now that we have a clear picture of the market share, total consumers, and daily users of the platform, let’s look at Shodify’s financials. Here we discuss the revenue, the success rate, and the conversion rates if you choose to convert to the Shopify Platform for your eCommerce Store.

Section 2: The Financials – Revenue, Success Rate, and Conversion Rates.

Let’s maximize the profitability of your Shopify store; we’ll examine the platform’s average revenue, success rate, and conversion rates.

Shopify has the most extensive base in the US Market, totaling almost two-thirds of Shopify stores globally.

The Financials - Revenue, Success Rate, and Conversion Rates

Average Shopify store revenue
Another significant number to look at is the average revenue based on data collected from 2,025 merchants in October 2021; Chargeflow’s estimation shows that Shopify’s average revenue per customer was $87. According to the data, if your store’s average revenue per customer is over $290, you’ll be in the top 10% of all Shopify stores.

Shopify success rate
Shopify’s market cap was predicted to reach $51.49 billion by January 2023; it however is at $59.24 billion as of April 2023. This is a true testament to the growth and market cap that keeps increasing in the US market

Average Shopify conversion rate
Although most online assessments place the average conversion rate between 1% and 2%, anything above that is regarded as top of the class. According to the latest data, as of February 2023, average conversion rates across e-commerce businesses were at 1.64%. This represents a 0.1 percentage point dip from the previous month and a marginal fall of 0.01 percentage points from a year ago. Shopify stores’ average revenues range widely from one market to the next, from product to promotion. A recent survey, however, indicated that the typical Shopify store makes $5,000 per month.

A website’s conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who take the targeted action, such as making a purchase or submitting an inquiry, while on the site

Section 3: The Future of Shopify – Predictions for 2023

What percentage of Shopify stores are successful?
Online shops have a 5-to-10% success rate on Shopify. Only roughly 5-10% of Shopify-using firms are profitable. This number highlights the significance of adaptability and innovation in today’s cutthroat business environment. With emerging trends, you will likely be in the top 5%.

Emerging trends and technologies
Now let’s look at the emerging trends you should look out for in 2023

The advent of new technologies brings you closer to profitability, high revenue gains, and a Shopify store that overflows with buyers. It is the absolute need of the hour to combine your Shopify store with omnichannel retail and integrate augmented and virtual reality. Apart from these, eCommerce will see a massive impact by individualizing and adapting each consumer with a buyer persona for a focused data-driven approach. Shopify stores that use customer data to provide personalized product suggestions, promotions, and content will stand out.

Apart from these, M-Commerce will take the eCommerce domain by storm. Continuous adoption of AI and ML models will accelerate, making the eCommerce model a robust business model for any entrepreneur.

The impact of AI and machine learning on e-commerce

With open.AI’s launch, the business world has seen a considerable shift and will continue to do so as new ways to use AI and ML models come to light. E-commerce businesses will surely adapt and accept these changes to accelerate their profits, get closer to customers in record time and create a community that works for them. AI ML learning models will significantly impact customer experience, offer enhanced product recommendations, trend and demand forecasting, and not forget a huge boost that we are seeing in Marketing Automation. With that in mind, the best step ahead is with these emerging technologies that will put your leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platform if not the top contender that makes it simple for new businesses to get their shops up and running. Being a major player in the e-commerce market, with over 1.7 million merchants and projected sales of $120 billion in 2021. This seems like a great opportunity for a business owner to migrate their sales online, or for an entrepreneur wanting to launch an e-commerce venture to take a leap due to Shopify’s high rate of success, average revenue, and conversion rate. The future of Shopify is anticipated to be influenced by the increasing popularity of mobile shopping and the breadth of the platform’s offerings in the coming year.

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