The Question Of The Hour Upgrade To Magento 2 Or Replatform

If you are an eCommerce store owner you are possibly flummoxed by this question. Though Magento offers best-of-class features and top notch security, moving to Magento 2 can be an expensive and time consuming affair.

Most eCommerce store owners are switching to more affordable eCommerce platforms to cut back on costs in the current uncertain financial climate.

It is time to take stock of the situation and decide whether to upgrade or move to another platform altogether.

It is a tough choice. It can either mean a better performing store or become a complete dumpster fire. No sweat. You don’t have to go it alone. Our eCommerce enablement experts will help you evaluate the features of your online store and help you carefully plan your biggest move of the year!

Join our eCommerce experts for a free webinar on May 28th at 11 AM PST and get an answer to your most pressing migration questions.

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